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  1. Hello Iron Korea, this is Kim Young-il Development of light suspension conversion that can be installed on iron products This video is a promotional video about Korean sales. New projects will be equipped with more upgraded suspensions. Please pay attention to Iron Korea, which is always developing. Changes Light version with suspension Pedal height 15cm -> 18cm Tire change 16x2.15" ->16x2.5"
  2. Hello. Thank you for your interest and feedback on Iron Korea's new project. The video test product is a temporary product for suspension testing with 18-inch and 3.0-thick tires. We are testing durability and performance as much as possible. Everything has not been decided yet, except for the suspension and tire thickness. You can edit it at any time. The battery is up to 2486wh. Please tell us the specifications you want most. I'll see a lot of feedback. IRON KOREA Youngil Kim
  3. IRON KOREA New Wheel Test (Scheduled to be released in 2021) Enjoy your life What is the spec you want? ironkorea100@naver.com
  4. I'm sorry It is only sold in Korea. Although it is possible to sell directly overseas, I don't recommend it because the infrastructure is poor.
  5. https://youtu.be/6tGOirKC3-I Official launch in Korea (overseas pending) Modified from 92.4V to 84V for Korean release The top speed goes down Increased reaction speed Overseas plans to challenge new projects We ask for your interest. -IRON-100(PRO) (NEW GT16)- Parameter Specification Brand IRON KOREA Mode IRON-100(PRO) MAXSPEED 60 km/h Climbing 45 Battery 1140WH / 2280WH Mileage 80~160km Motor 3000W Charger Voltage 84v MAX Load 150kg Tire Size 16" Weight 19kg / 24kg
  6. Good morning. This is Iron Korea Kim Young-il. We decided to release the 92.4V IRON100 in April. However, due to the volatility of the world market caused by Covid-19, the project was revised. We will start a new project by investing more in overseas products that we have decided to release. I will collect your opinions as much as possible. Currently, 84V 3000W products have been completed in accordance with domestic (Korea) laws. This is the last video we tested. It will be sold in Korea as a limited edition. It is a pity that the overseas release has b
  7. Sorry for the late reply 1.The axle on the motor is changed to 24 mm. 2.The decomposition method is the same as before. The funding part is going to be hard.If you send me an email, I will reply with a good mail.
  8. IRON 100(92.4V) Additional test upgrade specification IRONKOREA IRON-100 92.4V 16inch Faithful to the basics of power speed Coming in April electric wheel - EUC - IRON KOREA is a brand launched in Korea by the transfer of ROCKWHEEL technology. IRON-100 (NEW GT16) Parameter Specification Brand IRON KOREA Mode IRON-100 MAXSPEED 68 km/h Climbing 45 Battery 1140WH / 2280WH Mileage 80~160km Motor 3000W Charger Voltage 92.4v MAX Load 150kg Tire Size 16" Weight 19kg / 24kg IRON KROEA ironkorea100@naver.com
  9. EU offline company is talking about a contract. Online is eBay and many others.
  10. I also drive for testing today. I am president of Iron Korea. I am a user who loves EUC. * EUC User Activities in 2013 * 2014 ROCKWHEEL Korea partnership sales * 2016 ROCKWHEEL KOREA Distributor started Participation in the development of GT16 products. * Launched ROCKWHEEL technology in 2019 and newly launched as IRONKOREA Company direction focuses on product quality, balance and performance. After a year of testing with an iron 84V product, I am planning to release this 92.4V overseas after many tests.
  11. * Mainboard is not publicly available for security reasons. * 3 inches impossible. See for details. The cushion part is reinforced for a ride. (Pedals / Size Images) https://cafe.naver.com/purplezbpag/1388 * The Pedals was expanded one year ago. All is aluminum. Pedals size is 24cm. * I'm thinking about funding. We are looking at the distribution network. *The size of the product is compact. Contact me any time for business. MAIL : ironkorea100@naver.
  12. 1. Modified with your suggestion. 2.Different The basic frame is similar. Not compatible with GT16. 3. Design use agreement. Newly launched brand in Korea.Rock wheel partner for six years 4.Using Samsung / LG 3500mA.BMS is a newly developed 30A rechargeable.(Individuals should change wiring and connectors.) 5. I want immediate response & performance. 6. Basic 3A support Up to 5A support (30A available when tuning) 7. reinforced plastic boasts very high strength. 8. Manufactured in Korea.9.I died unofficially. 10. 92.4V products will be sold.
  13. The motor has been modified more than six times. The battery uses only Samsung / LG. Thank you for your attention.
  14. IRON-100 92.4v (NEW GT16) promotional video Funding Coming Soon https://youtu.be/4IJWL2aaeig
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