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  1. We are supposed to be INSIDE the wheel! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynasphere
  2. It's good to see passionate discussion between people who love their craft. For my part, I am interested in this wheel. We ran a poll a couple of months ago, and suspension was one of the higher voted items in the poll. And here we are. We have not one, but two new models with different approaches to suspension to try, and I would be shocked to learn Gotway wasn't already experimenting with it in some way too. I am not sure how much the suspension changes the ride, and whether it would change it in ways that feel good or not. The only way to tell that is to ride it. But I am looking foward to trying either of these wheels once they become available... my knees are pretty bad from years of sports, and a 40min ride at 50kms+/hr - when I get home I am rubbing tiger balm into my knees every time. Maybe suspension can help that...
  3. Anyone who says these things aren't dangerous - I was hit by a courier van when I was going around 40kms an hour. On @The Fat Unicyclist wheel, no less. Three months on crutches. Then reconstruction surgery, and another three months recovering. I still limp today, on a cold morning. You are skiing. On pavement. Around cars. It IS absolutely dangerous. I mean, I love it. I love riding, as much as I loved surfing when I first learned to surf. Its that same feeling - I have to go for a ride every day. Like when I was 14 and used to sneak out on weekends to go surfing. But it is dangerous. Wear gear.
  4. Sorry @meepmeepmayer I actually think it was @Unventor. I mixed you two up in my head. Are you similar in any way?
  5. Wow this thread has a lot of emotion attached to it. Guys if the worst thing that happens in our week is that In-motion release a new wheel, we have a pretty good life! For my part, I am curious about the suspension - if it works, it could be a game changer. It's the first genuine unique innovation I have seen in Electric Unicycles in some time. I wanna test it, and see how it affects the ride. I still fear tree root jumps on pavement sending me two feet in the air like what happened to @meepmeepmayer. I agree the wheel seems pricey, and more to the point seems heavy which worries me...
  6. Crashes are gonna happen, even when you do nothing wrong. I got hit by a courier van at 40kms/hr, which wasn't fun. Some of the guys at work asked me if wheeling was safe. I said yes, but really it isn't. It is the equivalent of skiing on pavement. Around cars. My safety formula is: 1. Know the roads you ride on, and the traffic patterns of those roads. 2. Wear at least a helmet. 3. Know your wheel's behaviors and capabilities and ride within those. 4. On roads you don't know, or on new wheels, keep your speed down until you do know them. Ideally keep your speed to a level when you can jump off safely and run a few steps. 5. Expect everything around you - humans, dogs, cars to suddenly stop or change direction and ride to suit. 6. (This is why I was hit) - Wear highly visible gear and turn on all your flashy lights. Much like Skiing or Scuba Diving or Jujitsu, wheeling caries risks. But it is so rewarding. The adventures I have had on my wheel, the places I have seen, the detail I have of the city I live in, and the feeling I have when I arrive in the office, like I just skiied to work - I wouldn't have gotten it any other way. For me, it is worth the risk.
  7. I ride the MSX 84v, and I (in normal times) ride around 50kms day most days. I ride a lot of different terrain, including roads, cycle-ways, sidewalks and dirt trails. My rules for speed are: If I am on the road, I have to be cruising at a minimum of 40km/hr and in general, I aim to keep pace with the traffic around me. If I am on the sidewalk, I try keep it under 15km/hr so I can stop quickly enough to react to a car coming out of a driveway. On the cycle-ways, if the path is good, and I have clear visibility for more than 100 meters, I open it up and cruise at around 50km/hr. If it's a windy road and I don't know what is coming, I cruise at 35km/hr. Generally I find I move 25-35km/hr on any terrain where I don't know the road, and I open it up a lot more when I know the road. In NZ we have a unique hazard - there is a kind of tree called a Pohutakawa tree that someone has planted alongside every sidewalk. The roots grow under the asphalt and cause a raised 'bump' of a few inches which can be hard to see. That gets you air when you hit it at 30km/hr and that can be pretty scary when you are not expecting it. TLDR - when it is safe, I cruise 45 - 55km/hr. When it isn't I go slower to suit the conditions.
  8. My belief has always been that the 80% alarm is not related to a fixed speed at all. It is related to how much more you can push the wheel, in terms of the batteries ability to give more power to the engine, which is why it is different at different body weights, and on different road gradients. And why as the battery reduces, the threshold drops.
  9. That's the most interesting piece to me. Suspension. If they nail it, it could be a really awesome innovation.
  10. I just tried to edit the options in the poll but it doesn't seem possible to do it... I'll tell you one thing that has surprised me here though - its how many people want more range out of their EUC. Like I am perfectly happy with the range on my 84v MSX. I might like an option that charges it faster, but rangewise, I have no complaints...
  11. Title kinda says it all... I am wondering if anyone has ever tried strapping their feet to the pedals of their wheel? I mean with the kind of straps that you could slide your foot into / out of easily, but if you were to say jump up, the wheel would come with you? If they have tried it, was there any downside?
  12. They definitely fly them. I ordered from E-Wheels to New Zealand, when I brought my Tesla. 3 Days to arrive in the country. 5 days to convince my Customs department to release the goods. But that is another story.
  13. I absolutely agree with some form of cutout prevention. It seems to me to be completely unacceptable for a professional modern company to make a product that might at some undefined point simply switch off and throw a rider onto their face at 50kms per hour. Imagine trying to explain that to an industry regulator. The only reason these products aren't being regulated up the wazoo is because not many people are using them yet. A system that mitigates shutoff has to be developed in the medium to long term to make these wheels safer. I have half of an idea... it needs more thought. I have thought of a separate power source designed to give enough power to come to a stop. It's only half an idea...
  14. Hey guys, I thought it would be interesting to gather community feedback on what we would like to see in future EUC's. Not sure if the owners and engineers from the big wheel companies browse these forums, but if they do, it would be helpful for them to think about what we want as riders, so here is a poll with some ideas and stuff that might / might not be cool enhancements to future electric unicycles...
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