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  1. Maybe not only non samsung android users. I have a S8, and the search for "EUC world" in the watch tab draws a blank. Possibly there is some replication delay across their servers before everyone can get it.
  2. What I understand here, is that those manufacturers should be damn more grateful to all benevolent developpers who work their asses day and night to bring attractive apps on their platforms, making them alive and purposeful. :-) Thanks again @Seba, and maybe, if you find a diplomatic way to do it, inform these fine people that there is an amount of folks here (count me in) who needed a smartwatch as much as this and bought one solely to use as their EUC dashboard. We might be a tiny market share, but despise one minute market share and you are doing as well with all other similar ones. Which could eventually add up to a business significant level.
  3. Great ! What the world really needs now is a combination between this and helmfon to work in openspaces AND sanitize your air. (the banging head against wall smiley is really missing right now :-) ) That would be the ultimate social distancing tool. You can fart in the office, not even hearing the noise, not getting the scent, not even catching the disapproving glances around. Anyway, there will be none of the latter. Nobody heard or smelt, and they're all doing the same. Just imagining an emergency evacuation with everybody fitted with these helmets, bouncing on each other while evacuating... no, it won't happen either. If some of the alarm ring did get through their helmets, ANC headphones will take care of it.
  4. Free blood too, if you get a cutoff while speeding under-geared Hey folks, who wants some free knee pizza ? At least you can become famous on https://www.reddit.com/r/meatcrayon/ :-D
  5. I suppose you'll be notified when it is made available, so you can keep us informed here ? That's to say, no need for us to frantically check the samsung app store 47 times a day
  6. I experienced this some time ago. I went in the US only once when I was 20 for an internship near Boston, MA. That was about 24 years ago. I was planning to rent a car and then had the unpleasant surprise that no car rental company would accept a customer under 21. My trip was too short (a little less than 2 months) to buy/sell a used car. So I have been able to "enjoy" being a pedestrian / cyclist in a US suburb. Well, I really felt like an alien from outer space :-D I don't know if this has changed much since that time.
  7. That would be some kind if irony if the lockdown inflates (no pun intended) the overweight and under-exercised population, who is indeed more vulnerable to respiratory diseases... As long as we have bbq, beer and cake, why worry :-) ... I can't see my feet anymore !!! Damn I'm blind !!!
  8. Same thought, especially when the increase in domestic disputes will result in more broken plates. There will also be a lot of traumatized toddlers when previously ordinary accidents turn into "you little * that was our last bowl I wish you were never born!!!". Poor child, that's gonna be harsh. More seriously, another example. A few days ago I heard someone in a radio interview ranting about people buying tools in DIY stores. How can one damn know if those purchases are essential or not ? What if the dude has a to repair some important home equipment ? Completely impractical to verify. Now I live in a country house we restored with my girlfriend, so we have a lot of tools as well as lots of residual constructions materials in lots of construction fields (yet missing a 6-8 tons caterpillar excavator. Hell that would be loads of fun but they're so damn expensive to buy and even a lot more to maintain). So we can repair, or at the worst workaround most possible failures at home without having to go shopping for missing stuff. But for folks living in a small apartment, who have no reasons to own a workshop with half a DIY store in there, there can be unanticipated needs. Just have to fullfill them being as cautious as possible. Groceries shopping, being recurrent, causes far more exposure risk. Yet we have to live with that...
  9. About this feature, is the correct way to revert, to go in wheel settings and set the tiltback speed again ? Or is there a shortcut that I overlooked ? As far as I have seen it is not a toggle, but I guess it is designed so because it's intended to remain a "stealth" feature and a toggle would imply some sort of visual feedback in the GUI.
  10. Is it just the look of it, or does the shock absorber front part take support on the trolley button ? That trolley pivot is the one part if any of the V10F that already gets me worried about its lifespan in normal usage, it does not feel robust.
  11. #5 : shoot zombies in the head. We have no guns here, the crowbar will have to do. Just need a big one, just to be out of reach of particles getting airborne at the blow. And be careful when riding while carrying the crowbar. Because sh*t happens.
  12. Not yet tried pushing a shopping cart standing on an EUC, but I've had indications that it might not be trivial. From another rider who has tried with 2-wheeled trash containers. Small hard wheels are unfit for speeds above calm walking pace and can randomly cause hard braking (that would be a trash-faceplant). If you ask, this came from a discussion about carrying/pushing unusual things riding an EUC. I have tried a wheelbarrow, and found my single wheeled one quite manageable while not/lightly loaded. But when heavily loaded it becomes hard to find lateral balance while starting/stopping. I suggested a 2 wheel wheelbarrow would be cheating, but he assured me it would not. Now, I'll have to try. Since the load I mostly carry in the wheelbarrow is horse poo, I'd better not faceplant. Confinement results in fascinating experiments
  13. I don't know yet : this morning was the first time I went out since the official confinement bill, and I only went to the bakery. Kind of a cliché thinking of it, carrying my baguettes in my bag. But on a e-wheel and with a full face helmet instead of the béret :-) As for the bread, the disruption was rather on the customer count than the supplies. Usually a saturday at this time there are an average 5-6 customers waiting to be served. This morning I had a single one before me. They were admitting one person at a time in the shop. We will replenish (or try to) other food supplies next week, first we finish old stuff that was piled in the trays and cupboards :-D As far as I heard, there is no particular issue. At worst you won't find your usual products and have to do with a substitute. Nothing to scare me right now. The only shortage I heard about was on TP. Which really blows my mind. Probably people worried about the rare occurences of diarrhea when sick with covid-19. But they got it wrong : if you get diarrhea while couhging your lungs out, you won't make it to the toilets and TP roll... Gonna need new pants first. That one is not the best comparison point, IMHO. Even in France where discipline is not our most prevalent behavioral trait (is that correctly said ? :-) ), this is very rare and such offenders are commonly referred to as **bunch of censored rude names**. In that example, the victim is a weak person, that makes it a social no-no. In other sorts of cheats, the victim is often a company or government structure which can be regarded as some sort of evil, even on wrong or biased basis. What people miss here, is that there is no such thing as lost money as far as companies / governments are concerned, it is always recovered from customers / tax payers / loans that will have to be paid back with interest by customers / tax payers. As you point out with the domino effect leading to intrusive train ticket enforcement. But some people persuade themselves that the others deserve it, that others are dumb to pay and so on... This attitude reminds me of articles about contempt culture in software engineering, but this plague can be found everywhere. At the end, it boils down to empathy or the lack of it, and ask yourself what consequences your actions might beget for others, and if you would like them, would you be at the other end.
  14. @Unventor it turns out those who live farther from commodity stores are in luck these times, as shopping offers them a longer ride outside from home. I have less than 2km from town where I get all I need. I felt some fresh wind, too, even living in "deep south" compared to you. Damn, they are right, global warming is bs ;-) https://euc.world/tour/584783450535094 Not complaining though, living in the country we have plenty of post-winter home & exteriors repair/improvement work we can keep ourselves busy with. It eases adaptation when you can keep on with outdoor activity, even restricted.
  15. Same thing there, I've had chronic lumbar pain for 7-8 years before I got to EUC. It was dating back from a bad lift of a flooring sander (those things are bloody heavy and I didn't expect that much and received the weight unprepared). From then I went to the osteopath every few months, sometimes no longer being able to lift a few kgs. And more commonly I'd be walking like a teletubbie and found it uneasy to run (or did it like one of those unholy antenna headed demons) until I got fixed. After a few months of practice there was noticeable improvement. Now (almost 1 year) I no longer need those repair sessions. The exercise that EUC provides to the inner muscles sustaining the spine is certainly no stranger to that. There is another effect, very noticeable when you are no regular sports practiser : this greatly enhances the feel and motricity of the spine and pelvis, when you otherwise only use these to sit your ass on a chair. The ultimate advantage over pilates (even though they can be damn effective if you have the time and will to stick to them) is that riding my EUC for my daily commute actually replaces a part of my trip where I would sit in my car stuck in traffic jam. Replace 30 daily minutes of sitting static just getting tense, by the same amount of time riding an improbable one wheeled, unstable vehicle, this is certainly worth a weekly session of pilates, while requiring no additional time, and no motivation (this is more fun). My ageing horse is also grateful to my EUC : I recovered a lot of the pelvis mobility I had when I was riding frequently in hikes or competitions (when we were both young, and I had more time to ride). Horses appreciate when their rider isn't a block of wood, and can accompany their pace.
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