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  1. Didn't know that. Any idea what the correction should be for MCM5?
  2. I think I'm noticing a difference in the speeds of my GotWay MCM5 v2 About 5-10% difference of the average riding speeds in my EUC world logs. Am I looking at the wrong numbers?
  3. Yeah, I made them quite limiting but I really love the responsiveness - acceleration and braking is just a small lean away. You can even see in the picture that I glued an additional piece, to make it a closer fit. But these are my first power pads, I'm still experimenting - might change things around.
  4. I used a kitchen knife. Yeah smaller wheels are fun, only if they had higher top speeds.
  5. Here's my take on DIY power pads. I used 2 yoga blocks like this Initial designs and results Then I managed to get it smaller, as the material is strong enough The hardest part was gluing them on my MCM5 because the shell is quite curvy, so I had to mimic the curves on the back side of the pads, for better sticking. I managed to go up some high curbs, so jumping works. Acceleration and braking much improved!
  6. Anything wrong with velcro or just personal preference?
  7. Thanks man, here's some Bitcoin cash! @George Iliev Update: BTW can I get the design files with the increased rear part?
  8. I went with a switch. When I don't want to be noisy I turn the sound off
  9. Maybe it was like that before but now the MCM4 V2 with 420WH battery has a 1500W motor, 84V, 25mph max speed.
  10. MCM5 doesn't seem to support that
  11. One thing I found is that if I use the official GotWay app, it doesn't beep on connect, lighting and setting changes.
  12. Hi @supercurio! That sounds like a nice compromise. Is there an explanation somewhere how to do it? Thanks!
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