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  1. The automatic turn-signals are pretty nice indeed! -- If the wheel is moving and you tilt left or right, the brake light "flows" in the same direction as the tilt/turn. Is this all KingSong wheels or new to this one? For your reference, my settings for street/sidewalk riding (I'm at about 140lbs and 5'9"): Tire pressure: 40 psi Lower Chamber: 120 psi Upper Chamber: 175 psi Rebound: 15 clicks (exactly in the middle) After about 15 miles on the wheel, I love it. It's what I expected, looks great and rides smooth as silk. My only beef is there is no real way to park it. Balancing on center and tilting backward doesn't balance all that well and exposed a design flaw, IMHO. The mud-guard is attached very flimsily. Just setting the wheel on it causes it to partially come out of it's position. I can foresee that piece coming off completely at some point during a ride. If you don't check it occasionally then you'll never find it. I'd hate to glue it on. Alternatively, tilting forward doesn't work all to well either. If anyone comes up with a better way to park this thing, please share! All-in-all it's a great wheel and I'm happy I purchased it!
  2. Can someone confirm if there are two or three pedal height adjustments? If there are three settings, the lower setting doesn't have the any screws in a hole, but in that bottom slot. I assumed those screws were a safety/backup for the four hex bolts that hold the assembly to the two support-bars. ** The wheel came in the second position. I couldn't get a picture, but here's a visual (highest, middle, lowest): I'm not complaining, I just don't want to use that lowest setting if it's not what is intended.
  3. You mean three weeks! A Tuesday delivery works well for a week-end ride.
  4. As does mine. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve!!!
  5. Saturday was a great day for a ride! https://euc.world/tour/589066632588290
  6. Ok, good point, I don't like dents in my car either! Anyone know what replacement shells cost? You know, it's not a matter of if you crash, but when you crash.
  7. They add "Character" . :-D
  8. Anyone want to meet up and ride? What routes do you take regularly? I generally run the Monon Trail from Carmel to Ripple with the occasional weekend ride downtown Indy.
  9. I waiting on my S18 to leave Hong Kong. This is the worst 2 Day Air-Shipment I've ever experienced.
  10. Try positioning one foot slightly in front of the other as well as one ankle snug to the wheel, while the other is slightly away (1/2 inch). That helped me, as well as provides a bit more control over the wheel, IMHO.
  11. Does your tracking history look anything like mine? It says Est. Delivery tomorrow (7/30/2020) by 9:00 pm, but I'm not sure how that's possible. :-/ Definitely NOT worth the extra $250 for air-shipping!
  12. Okay, so the "Please lay down your car and try again." when trying to set up the sounds is fixed by plugging the wheel in. I'm not sure how that relates to the message, but it worked for at least that setting.
  13. Andriod Version: 10 EUC World App: 1.2.0 Wheel: (shown in EUC World app) = Model is Unknown, Version is 2.2.18, shows Serial Number, No other data shown under Live Data or Statistics No sound on connect for either app! Activating the horn does not work on either app either. The wheel does beep during tilt-back. Setting max speed works in InMotion, not in EUCWorld. Turing the light on in InMotion app works, not in EUCWorld. InMotion app system check returns normal. One side note, maybe not related, but when I attempt to change the default sounds using the InMotion app, it tells me to "Please lay down your car and try again." I'm not sure what this means or even if that's just a bad translation, but I am unable to change sounds. *** I installed Wheel Log and it connects fine, records all live data as expected (mileage, power, tilt, roll, etc ..). I don't know about sound functionality in that app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the EUC World app.. Restarted the phone between attempts. No other wheels to test against. Being that the Wheel Log & InMotion applications connect and read live data, it must be the EUCWorld application. At least that's my logical assumption.
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