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  1. Okay, so the "Please lay down your car and try again." when trying to set up the sounds is fixed by plugging the wheel in. I'm not sure how that relates to the message, but it worked for at least that setting.
  2. Andriod Version: 10 EUC World App: 1.2.0 Wheel: (shown in EUC World app) = Model is Unknown, Version is 2.2.18, shows Serial Number, No other data shown under Live Data or Statistics No sound on connect for either app! Activating the horn does not work on either app either. The wheel does beep during tilt-back. Setting max speed works in InMotion, not in EUCWorld. Turing the light on in InMotion app works, not in EUCWorld. InMotion app system check returns normal. One side note, maybe not related, but when I attempt to change the default sounds using the InMotion app, it tells me to "Please lay down your car and try again." I'm not sure what this means or even if that's just a bad translation, but I am unable to change sounds. *** I installed Wheel Log and it connects fine, records all live data as expected (mileage, power, tilt, roll, etc ..). I don't know about sound functionality in that app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the EUC World app.. Restarted the phone between attempts. No other wheels to test against. Being that the Wheel Log & InMotion applications connect and read live data, it must be the EUCWorld application. At least that's my logical assumption.
  3. It is reading the serial number from my wheel, so it's partially connecting.
  4. I cant seem to get the EUCW app to fully connect to my wheel. The inMotion app connects just fine, but not EUCW. I've tried connecting using the Bluetooth icon at the top as well as the EUC circle icon (last wheel connected I assume). It finds my wheel and asks for password upon connecting. Regardless of what password I enter (or none at all) It shows "Connected!" at the bottom and the circle icon next to the CSV icon on the top bar turns solid green (after blinking during the connection phase) however, the EUC circle icon in the center of the speed guage between the phone and watch icon is not illuminated and it does not record any data. GPS works fine. Wheel settings do not read the correct settings, as in I set MAX speed to 18 in inMotion app, and EUCW shows 15. I set EUCW to 21 and inMotion app still shows 18. Turing on the wheel light also does nothing in EUCW, but works in inMotion. Does CSV need to be on or off or does that even matter. Are there any other apps that are recommended besides the standard inMotion app? EDIT FOR PREVIOUS POST .. My wheel is an V8F
  5. The 'Wheel Settings' option is grayed out. I was assuming that's because i hadn't connected via Bluetooth, but the phone requires a password if I try and pair first.
  6. Does anyone know if this app is compatible with the InMotion V8F? If so, how did you get the Bluetooth to connect? The default password of 000000 does not work. This is new out of box.
  7. I just received an update from the inMotion. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Tue, Dec 31, 2019 at 12:38 PM PST, Jason wrote: Can you provide an estimated release/ship date for the v8f? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Jason, The manufacturer began production last week. They expect to fulfill air freight orders the first two weeks in January with regular pre-orders being fulfilled late January/early February. We hope this helps and we value your time, Mitch Customer Service / Operations contact@myinmotion.com
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