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  1. My first (blind) motocross trail run.
  2. Ride tomorrow! 9/11/2020 Midtown Plaza Carmel, In 46032 @ 5 PM
  3. FYI, I removed the blocks and the difference was night and day on shock suspension performance! The shocks have a much improved response time after the removal. I had about 200 miles on the wheel before, and probably another 50 after the change. I need to adjust my pressures a bit more since the removal, but that was expected.
  4. I was informed via email from Kingsong that there are three positions for the pedal. The lower position does leave one side's screw in a slot and not in a hole, but since they are not there for support, it's fine to use. To be clear. Are you saying you simply removed those blocks and the suspension improved that much? Have you made other alterations? Sorry if you're previously stated this, this thread is getting quite long.
  5. These work Perfectly! 3M Adhesive Mounts Also, the wife bought a strip of white velcro from Walmart and it worked just as well.
  6. If you're looking to add some sound. This little $15 speaker packs a punch! It has amazing sound and great battery life (more than a 4 hours so far at nearly full volume) and mounts pretty securely 3M goPro adhesive pads!
  7. There's a bit of highway noise, the actual sound is a tad more noticeable in real life. *passing speed 17 mph
  8. FYI, King Song did CONFIRM that the three positions noted above are valid. The absence of a lower screw hole will not affect the performance/safety of the lower pedal position.
  9. I'm 140lbs and rode 38 miles with an average of 15 mph (city driving) and had 20% battery left. Max speed 25 a few times.
  10. Fun ride today, thanks for coming up guys!! 38.28 Miles in the books! https://euc.world/tour/589254068128227 https://euc.world/tour/589256759525079 https://euc.world/tour/589258828315212
  11. @Jack King Song ????
  12. The automatic turn-signals are pretty nice indeed! -- If the wheel is moving and you tilt left or right, the brake light "flows" in the same direction as the tilt/turn. Is this all KingSong wheels or new to this one? For your reference, my settings for street/sidewalk riding (I'm at about 140lbs and 5'9"): Tire pressure: 40 psi Lower Chamber: 120 psi Upper Chamber: 175 psi Rebound: 15 clicks (exactly in the middle) After about 15 miles on the wheel, I love it. It's what I expected, looks great and rides smooth as silk. My only beef is there is no real way to p
  13. Can someone confirm if there are two or three pedal height adjustments? If there are three settings, the lower setting doesn't have the any screws in a hole, but in that bottom slot. I assumed those screws were a safety/backup for the four hex bolts that hold the assembly to the two support-bars. ** The wheel came in the second position. I couldn't get a picture, but here's a visual (highest, middle, lowest): I'm not complaining, I just don't want to use that lowest setting if it's not what is intended.
  14. You mean three weeks! A Tuesday delivery works well for a week-end ride.
  15. As does mine. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve!!!
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