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  1. Does every new V10 have the 750 Wh pack (e.g. if you buy from ewheels today), or is it a matter of being lucky? How do you check whether a V10 has the 625 or the 750 Wh pack?
  2. Interesting! So you are saying that if you buy a V10 from ewheels today you’ll get this upgraded version? Do you have any more info about this? The ewheels site still mentions 650 Wh.
  3. Thanks @mrelwood! I think you are right. Because I live in a hills area and I'm not light, I think I've discarded the V8f due to lack of power. So at this point it's between the V10, the 16s and the Tesla. The price for the V10 is very tempting, and apparently it's a very well built wheel that is very comfy with nice features and high pedal clearance (and comes with a cover). However, the size looks too big to carry on a bus (though it's the slimmest?). Also, I hear that throttling is pretty bad specially for the V10 that has the small battery. How’s the hill climbing ability of this wheel? There’s a famous video where the wheel overheats all the time but I think this was before the firmware upgrade (I don’t know if this is any better) and it was probably too steep and long of a hill. My OneWheel+ can conquer the hills around my house, but just barely and extremely slowly. I'd want to change to something a bit better. Since it's the best value of the 3 options, and it's the best built I would probably get this one if it wasn't because I'm worried about the size. The Tesla is a bit expensive for my budget, but power looks great (it'd be way more than I need for a long time, including the hills in my area). What I don't like is that it is apparently very easy to crack the shell, and people say it's uncomfortable on the shins. I like that the size is great and it's very silent. However I hear that Gotways do not tiltback and you can fry the board if you demand too much current? (No fuses, really??). Apparently the startup sound is obnoxious though I don't imagine this being a deciding factor. The 16s looks like a great option, with prefect size and weight, and much better power compared to V8/f. It also has rear lights which is a nice touch. Apparently, the trolley is great and it’s hard to crack the shell (so good for beginners). I heard that the motor noise is loud and pretty annoying (is that a big problem?). It’s the slowest though 22mph seems good enough for me at this point. Not sure how good this will be for the hills. It's also the older model of these three I think. Also, the fact that the Tesla is just 100 USD more being much more powerful is unnerving. But the Tesla is not better in every aspect: lower quality in general, worse trolley, significantly more uncomfortable, no rear light, etc. In general, are any of these three options good enough for moderate hills? Most of the riding would be in flat roads, but there would be some important short hills in the beginning/end of my commute. Thanks for the awesome comments everyone.
  4. Sure! I haven't biked for years. I own a OneWheel+. I love it and ride it on the weekends but I definitely don't trust it for commuting due to lack of power/nosedives. I’m in my early 30s, engineer, and have been a martial artist and soccer player most of my life. I've a 1 year old, which means that I really don't have time for much these days. Even though I really like sports and have practiced them all my life I'm fairly risk adverse. I envision taking it slow with the EUC: get familiar with it I open areas, commute via wide sidewalks and then, only when/if I'm comfortable, in the bike lane. I would also ride it on the weekends in Golden Gate Park where we have huge smooth roads with no cars. A colleague has a V8 that he uses for commuting and convinced me to look into EUCs: Safer than OneWheel due to additional power and warnings before cutoff Bigger diameter than electric skateboard wheels means potholes are less worrisome Portable: you can push them with the handle when you walk with someone, do groceries etc. Also, you can take them with you in the bus/train depending on the size.
  5. Thanks everyone for the detailed anwers. This is a lot of awesome info. Honestly, not sure what to do. Skecys comments about the V10 getting damaged are concerning, as it really seems like a good option at the current price of $1150. However, Im worried that the size may be a big issue when taking the shuttle or the train. Another think I didn't mention is that I need to be able to walk pushing the wheel one handed for max 5-10 min about two days a week, since I need to carry my 1 year old in the stroller to the nearby daycare before I continue my commute to work 😃. Is the V10 too big for that? By the way, this an the fun factor is why I don't want to get a scooter. From the comments here and what I've read, it sounds like the 16s is not a good value (not powerful enough for the price). I hadn't thought about the MCM5 but, honestly, it sounds like an awesome option. A bit worried about the 14in size, but again, I don't really think I'll be going fast anyway. One question that I have is, where would you buy this wheel in the US? I was keen on doing ewheels, but the eBay price for a new one is almost 400 USD cheaper (1000 vs 1350). That seems too big of a difference. The Tesla looks good, but then again I think it's out of my price range for now. One more thing, with CES happening next week, do we expect new wheels coming out? Are there rumors of things I should be waiting for? Thanks! This community is great.
  6. Hi everyone! Thinking about getting my first wheel, and I'm not sure what to choose. I'm about 6' <180lbs. I'd like to spend about 1000 USD. I don't need a lot of speed (I think I'll very rarely hit 20mph), but I really want safety. I own a OneWheel+ and really want something that is extremely hard to cut out under reasonable riding (I nosedived with my OW at about 10mph due to motor cutoff caused by bump in the sidewalk...). The upcoming V8f looks great as a first wheel due to how portable it looks. I may take the wheel with me in the work shuttle commute a few times a month and would like to keep the wheel in the bus seat with me. Also, I may have to carry the wheel a significant flight of stairs when taking the subway a few times a week. However I'm a bit worried about the V8f's power due to my weight and the hills in SF, where I live. But then again, I don't plan on going fast. The other option that looks great at a similar price is the V10 (about 100USD more with the current ewheels promo). I like that the V10 is much more powerful, so it seems safer than the V8f. However, it seems way bigger/heavier, so taking it on the shuttle and up the subway stairs may be way harder. Also, I hear that the V8f will be more maneuverable and can brake faster. Thoughts? Thanks! Really looking forward to my first EUC!
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