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  1. Gwila


    https://youtu.be/yRqfRXl_U_8 Just a video of a quick ride at lunch time with some nice curves. p.s. Is anyone able to tell me why my videos turn out so chunky? I took this video on my iPhone at 1080p 30fps and it looks ok in the phone, but when I upload it to YouTube it turns crap... I read somewhere that YouTube don’t give new/low viewing channels good quality.. Any ideas? Cheers, Keaten
  2. Gwila


    Haha, it’s heaps better since upgrading the firmware to 2.0! Since getting the EXO Helmet I can hear a lot more of the sounds it makes, all I used to hear was wind noise.
  3. There was a lot less traffic on the path on the way back as well. Looking forward to the next ride
  4. A few clips tied together from the weekend of the trip back to the meeting place.
  5. Gwila


    a few short clips I took from the recent Melbourne EUC ride. First try at a video, so it’s pretty bad...
  6. Thanks for the video Marty, Inspired me to pull the trigger and buy the EXO-AT950
  7. The 8th afternoon I can make work. I’ll try rope in a mate from work as well
  8. Hard with family commitments on most weekend for me, so just schedule it amount your selfs and let me know when it’s on and I’ll come if I can. What time of day are you thinking?
  9. Don’t worry about the police, as long as your not being a dickhead they don’t care. I ride daily in the city and see police regularly and they don’t say anything. I also see heaps of ‘illegal’ other electric bikes,scooters, one wheels & skateboards.
  10. @Trevor Phillips I done Strathmore to CBD today on the same trail 18L might struggle to do 60km with me on it
  11. I’m still a bit fresh for a ride that far yet. Only done 180km so far. Been commuting into the city on the moonee ponds creek trail for a couple of weeks now. just sucks once I get along southbank as there are so many people... Maybe once I get a few more K’s on me I’ll be ready for a group ride
  12. I upgraded from 1.07 to 2.0 just now. Took about 5 minutes from the time I pressed upgrade until it was complete. I used the kingsong app though. looking forward to a ride to see the difference!
  13. @Marty Backe you sir, were correct!! First day I was commuting I was speed limited to 20km/h and it was painful... now it’s pretty comfortable doing 30kmh+
  14. Thanks @UniVehje it turned out to just be the IOS app. A friend from work used the android app to unlock it
  15. Did you have any luck @Gassyclown? I’m in the same boat, can’t increase the 20km/h limit on my KS18L using IOS app. I am taking it into work today to see if a mate with the android app can do it on my wheel. I also emailed Kingsong support & the distributor I got it from yesterday, but no reply yet.
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