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  1. @Trevor Phillips I done Strathmore to CBD today on the same trail 18L might struggle to do 60km with me on it
  2. I’m still a bit fresh for a ride that far yet. Only done 180km so far. Been commuting into the city on the moonee ponds creek trail for a couple of weeks now. just sucks once I get along southbank as there are so many people... Maybe once I get a few more K’s on me I’ll be ready for a group ride
  3. I upgraded from 1.07 to 2.0 just now. Took about 5 minutes from the time I pressed upgrade until it was complete. I used the kingsong app though. looking forward to a ride to see the difference!
  4. @Marty Backe you sir, were correct!! First day I was commuting I was speed limited to 20km/h and it was painful... now it’s pretty comfortable doing 30kmh+
  5. Thanks @UniVehje it turned out to just be the IOS app. A friend from work used the android app to unlock it
  6. Did you have any luck @Gassyclown? I’m in the same boat, can’t increase the 20km/h limit on my KS18L using IOS app. I am taking it into work today to see if a mate with the android app can do it on my wheel. I also emailed Kingsong support & the distributor I got it from yesterday, but no reply yet.
  7. Thanks @Jason Ramsey I got a KS18L, which I am having trouble removing the 20km/h speed limit from! Should have got the MSX
  8. Thanks @The Fat Unicyclist. I think the MSX Is where I want to be when I’m an experienced rider. Since I’m a newb who hasn’t ridden before I don’t want to go all in just yet though. So I’m gonna pickup a 18L today. It’s almost $1k cheaper than the MSX, and I figure it will make a good backup wheel if I upgrade in future and for now I’ll just stick to short rides and not going too fast
  9. @Marty Backe until a cyclist goes past me hey?
  10. Very good points @mrelwood & @Mono I was planning on speed limiting low (10-15kmh) for a while and slowly increasing it. I just want the option in future to up the speed when I increase my commute distance without needing to buy a new wheel. I still have motorcycle protection gear that I'm planning on using with when I get started.
  11. @Trevor Phillips Thanks for the offer and advice. I was planning on starting from Kensington since the path is a heaps better from there. And starting further out with experience The upfield bike path looked like a nice express way to head north from the city. The Z10 looks like it may be sold, and at $1900, i would rather just pickup new. The MSX seems like the best option from what i have read now that i know a bit more about whats needed for my size. Its cheaper than the others, now lets see if i can get it past the wife Selling her on it saving money from train fairs isn't going to be so easy on that one! Thanks everyone else for the help!
  12. Hi All, Thanks for the responses! @Trevor Phillips I live in the far north (Out near Craigieburn for now) so was planning to drive to somewhere like Essendon and do the commute into the city initially along the Citylink bikepath - Seems like a good path and no cars to get hit by The ride would be about 10km each way, and i'm hoping i'll be able to charge it once at work, but don't want to count on it - Not sure how these will go sitting under my desk in the office And no experience - closes thing (Which is apparently far from this) is motorbikes / pushbikes. Interesting to see so many people refer to the MSX. @Marty Backe That weight was fully clothed and a backpack. Hmmm the MSX 1600Wh/84v is on sale at the moment for AUD$2,690. @Trevor Phillips have you or anyone you know of had any problems with policy in Melbourne?
  13. Hi All, I am looking to buy my first EUC and was hoping to get some advice on what to get. I am: Height: 6’1” (186cm) Age: 37yo Loaded weight: ~253lb (115kg) I live in Melbourne Australia, so my options for wheels is limited. I have not ridden before, so want something that can handle a newb. I’ll be primarily commuting with it mostly on bike paths, and would like something that could do 20 miles/32km+ on a single charge comfortably. So far, my short list is: Gotway Tesla (v2) (Currently on sale for AUD$1,990) King Song 18L (Currently on sale for AUD$2,000) Inmotion V10F (Current price AUD$2,425) Newb questions: Am I a fool for thinking that 20mph (32kmh) cruising speed is slow? Am I too close to the max weight on the Tesla and V10F? I see ewheels has some higher weight figures for these units. Or would I be better off going for the 18L which has a 325lb (150kg) weight rating? Should I avoid buying from ebay since warranties look a bit sketchy? Thanks heaps for your help!
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