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  1. I have standard mini (700W), I weight 95kg and I am almost 2m tall. I drove about 1000 km without any problem - 500 with sthandard speed + 500 unlocked up to 25km/h. My normal travel speed is about 20km/h. I think that cutting off without warning may be because too old battery or bad contact between battery and board or other fault. It never happened to me any cut off compare to cheap china howerboards where it is normal with standard cheap battery pack and bigger weight.I have standard mini (700W), I weight 95kg and I am almost 2m tall. I drove about 1000 km without any problem - 500 wit
  2. Yes, you can choose. I just unlock original firmware so you will stay with Ninebot support.
  3. If you are interested to unlock your device, I can send you cable + etc to read firmware and program update when you pay deposit. No soldering is needed. You will get deposit - unlock fee back when you I receive cable back.
  4. Well, the maximum speed should be 25km/h. I drove maximum 24km/h then I felt unsafe - unstable. It is huge difference between 18 and 24. I am almost 2m tall and 95kg and I am using just standard version - 700W. There may be problem with stability on heavier people. My normal travelling speed is between 18-20 km/h. So the biggest advantage of unlock for me is not tilt back and beeping at 18km/h. I can not say behaviour at speed of 25km/h because I never reached this speed.
  5. Hi, the easiest method if you send me a board. I can send you a manual how to remove it. Then I will read binnary out and send to China for unlock. Then write it back. You will be able to upgrade it with official firmware without locking back.
  6. Hi, I have my Ninebot mini unlocked now and running with original firmware. I can do it also for you here in Europe, no need to send board to China, no any risk. I backup firmware, send it for unlock and upload back. Unlock of firmware is not made on my side.
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