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  1. Do you know when exactly (ie. x days from account opening)? I need to PM someone by the end of the week before I travel.
  2. I'm also relatively new but I can't send private messages at all. "You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later." If this is a designed limitation, how can I overcome it? Otherwise, is it a bug?
  3. I've decided to crimp instead of solder, unless I'm advised otherwise. Just to confirm, should I be connecting + to +, - to -, and leave GND untouched?
  4. I'm planning to buy a KingSong 16X next month and want to use my Cycle Satiator to charge it. The problem is that CS has a 3-pin XLR charging output but the 16X has C36 (Lenovo) charging ports. It doesn't look like there's a commercial XLR-C36 cable so I'm thinking of making my own. My plan is to solder a XLR cable to this one. The XLR has 3 wires but the C36 end only has two. I'm new to soldering, what should I do with the ground wire?
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