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  1. I agree on there being more and more DOA batteries out there, that's partially why I wanted to tell my story. If someone comes to the forum and searches, I wanted to have a complete story out there, from purchase to resolution, and to enumerate the options I was told I had. I would have certainly just sent just the battery in (that way I could keep the new Segway and box and gifted it for Christmas), but they don't have any un-attached batteries to give should the battery I sent in not be revived. The problem was really that I didn't want to get back a used/reconditioned MiniLite, even if that was only one of the possible options that would occur. In my case I didn't want to chance it getting a used one back. Other people buying for themselves might not care about getting a perfectly functioning MiniLite with a couple dings. I find it disappointing they don't make/sell batteries anymore for the MiniLite. I mean if I send in my whole unit and the battery is not able to be revived, they give me a whole other reconditioned unit. So what do they do now with my completely new unit without a battery? Throw it away? What happens when they run out of reconditioned units? Then won't every MiniLite after that with battery issues goes straight to the garbage dump? I find that a horrible waste. I'll keep in mind the higher power charger idea, should I find a good deal on a Segway in the future! Cheers!
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to put this out there as my experience with a recent purchase of a Segway MiniLite. I purchased a new MiniLite from Pharmaprix/Shoppers Drug Mart in early December (2 weeks ago), and was excited to gift it to my brother for Christmas. However not wanting to give him a dud, I opened it up (kept all the plastic on it) and tried to turn it on (by pressing the ON button). Nothing happened. I tried to plug it in to the charger and received a green light on the charger. After several hours I attempted to turn on the MiniLite to no avail. As others have done, I called Segway and was given authorization to remove the battery and attempt to charge the battery directly to the charger for several hours. Again a green light on the charger, and again when attempting to put the battery back on the MiniLite and turn it on, nothing happened. So I had a dead battery. Segway was informed and their only solution was for me to send the whole unit back to them (free shipping), and they would try to revive the battery. If they can revive the battery then they would ship the unit back (free shipping again), or if they could not revive the battery, they would exchange for a used/reconditioned unit as they do not have any new ones anymore. As I have read that bringing batteries back from the dead only sometimes works, and that even if it does work the battery usually has a lower capacity. As Segway tests the battery capacity, all that means is that I was most likely going to be shipped a used/reconditioned unit... This is supposed to be a gift, and I did not want to gift a used/reconditioned MiniLite to my brother. I asked if there was a way to pay the difference in price to get a new "S" or another model, but I was refused. It was either return the MiniLite to the store or accept (probably) a used/reconditioned MiniLite. Unfortunately the store is now out of MiniLite, and has no plans to restock. So there you go. All the travel time back and forth to the store, battery testing, all the calls and emails, and now I have no Segway at all (but at least my original money back). Just a heads-up of my experience I thought would be interesting for the forum. Others certainly could have accepted a used/reconditioned unit, but in my case that would not fill the purpose (Christmas gift). Your needs may be different. Cheers
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