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  1. What printer did you get? I am in the market as well
  2. got my nikola in December. Don’t have the song and dance chiming going on
  3. I have been using dual lock for a while and i have not experienced any negatives with it yet. It is super strong and I even use dual lock to secure my go pro to my helmet
  4. How'd you attach it to your helmet? i've got the same light
  5. I am running Version 4.3.2 on my WatchOS. Awesome!! Thanks so much!
  6. i recently picked up a series one apple watch and am having zero success in opening the app. It'll load for a second and then crash. Any fixes?
  7. Hey y’all. I just put an order in for a nikola plus unicycle thru ewheels but I have never rode one in my life. I’ve been told to learn on a used unit so I don’t destroy my new nikola. Anyone have a cheap used unit that they are selling? Or willing to teach me?
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