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  1. I've used the KS-14D in the rain, both mild rain as well as short distances over heavy rain. It's pretty stable on wet roads with bad potholes. The headlight is ok on dark wet roads - the wheel doesn't go fast enough for the weak light to matter. I was looking at the Mten3 but Marty Backe's comments about suitability on bad roads made me decide against it. The 14D works very well for my last mile commute as well as short (< 6-8 miles) errands around town.
  2. maybe, just maybe, women don't waste time on such forums ;-)
  3. Hmm... the roads are pretty bad around here. Salting chews up the roads in the winter. Guess I'll stay with the 14D. Thanks.
  4. Would a Gotway Mten3 make for a better last mile commuter compared to a KingSong 14D ? And also be more fun for just riding around, short errands, etc? Toying with the idea of selling the KS-14D and replacing with an Mten3. I'm 5' 9" and 155lbs so I imagine I'll get a bit more on range and speed.
  5. Interesting that some of you are turning with your knees and calves. When I first started I was using my feet first, then lower legs. Then I watched some of Hirsute's tutorials and I felt that he was turning with his shoulders. I tried that and find it some much easier to start a turn with my shoulders and the lower body follows along with the wheel just follows. I get much smoother turns this way that when I use my legs to turn. I have at most 200 miles on the wheel (odo was not working for a while till the 2.0 upgrade). I have to start doing the one leg drills as my starts are still iffy when I'm not paying attention.
  6. chronologically 51 but my body is 40 and mind is stuck at 29. how old am i ? i don’t know about slow or fast but as one gets older it takes longer for injuries to heal and one becomes risk averse. ‘What speed’ is risky depends on the road conditions, traffic, weather, and one’s individual judgement. that said I’m not too happy with the max speed of the KS-14D. Need a bigger wheel ;-)
  7. With version 1.0.9 on Android 10 (Google Pixel 3), there is no way to exit the app. Removing it from the recent apps tray does not kill the app. Keeps running. Just in case you want this on the backlog. App doesn't seem to chug any battery while sleeping in the background, so, not an issue.
  8. The KS-14D does have a lift sensor which is triggered by pulling up the trolley handle. I use one for last mile commuting to the train station on both ends of my commute. On the train, with the handle pushed in, the wheel fits between my knees. I think it's the perfect wheel for a short commute. It's been great for riding in the rain, little bits of snow, ice and road crud, bad roads with potholes, going up and down curbs etc. It's light enough for me to pick it up to climb the steep steps up into the train and getting down. (yea, our train platforms are at street level and climbing up the steps is a pain) For just riding around for fun, it's not fast enough.
  9. What version of the firmware did you upgrade to? I had 1.09 on my KS-14D and had a lot issues with odometer not registering mileage, speed alerts and titlback not working consistently. I reached out to Jason at eWheels where i bought the wheel from and he sent me firmware 2.0 which resolved all the issues. I'm told KingSong will release 2.0 to all KS-14D owners very soon. P.S. EUC.World app works perfectly with firmware 2.0 on the KS-14D.
  10. Here in NJ, a few miles outside of NYC, most people just turn to look. Most don't even notice. Police officers look but don't think there's any issue as long as I follow basic rules of the road and safety - STOP signs, traffic lights etc. I don't ride on the sidewalk or against the traffic. I ride like when I'm riding my roadbike, on the correct side of the road and to the edge close to the curb. When safety requires it, I take the entire lane with appropriate hand signals. No car driver has gotten upset yet. I commute to the train. At the office end, there are signs at Hoboken station (NJ) prohibiting bicycles. Police officers have told me a couple times that all personal vehicles are prohibited. I don't argue with them. I just get off and walk it for a couple hundred yards till I'm at the end of the station walkway. Laws or not, the better rule is to listen to police officers in the US.
  11. your training plan and drills make perfect sense. i found that it was easier to learn than i expected. the drills are much harder as breaking down and dissecting the moves and practicing is tricky at first - moving a little faster is easier at first. don't overthink it.
  12. yes, just busy thanking you know who for a warm winter and lower heating costs
  13. As a newbie who just outgrew a KS-14D in a 100 miles and wants a 16X, I'm glad I started on the 14D. It's light and slow - less chance of injury or accidents. It's also a great last mile commuter. I can't imagine carrying a heavier bigger wheel in and out of the train. The 14D is a keeper for the commute and the quality of the roads will not let me ride too much faster anyways.
  14. vasuvius


    I'm drooling over the 16X. Soon as it gets warmer and the ski season ends, my weekends will be free for long rides.
  15. vasuvius


    N+1 desires have already set in 6 weeks into starting on my first EUC. The KS-14D was a perfect choice as it handles bad road conditions very well and is light enough to lift in and out of trains. It's a great last mile commuter. But now I want to go longer and faster :-(
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