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  1. https://imgur.com/FMcAOwJ https://imgur.com/7IeqfKv https://imgur.com/LU9XBHp https://imgur.com/GJFybs9 https://imgur.com/8Wxoo6Z https://imgur.com/8Wxoo6Z
  2. Only 200-250mi. Some scrapes and scuffs, but no cracks or breaks, and is trimmed with bumper foam (removable/cleanable). Comes with the official removable seat, the official rubber mudguard installed, silver Nikola pedals installed. Also comes with the plastic mudguard/stand (not installed and the clips broke, but still installable) an extra pair of black Nikola pedals and a 300w3A charger. This is the newer 2019 model with the newer tail light, controller, and side pads. $1600 paypal Local preferred, though I do still have the official box and shipping box and can do a shipment if you really want to pay the shipping.
  3. Hi all, new here. Picked up an MSX for my first wheel and im ok on it, but still a bit green. Anyone in the Dallas area want to meet? Im expecting no replies, as Dallas is pretty baron when it comes to PEVs, but hey, gotta try right?
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