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  1. Thanks!it personal tilting adjustment is still allowed in 1.07 for 16x. Now I need to find a way to hold it completely upright and still while still maintaining a bit of backward tilting while calibration.. while I have a stand to hold it still , the pedal can only be adjusted so that it is completely parallel to the ground. I prefer a bit of backward tilting tho. In fact ,I dont even know how to make sure there is no left and right tilting during calibration as there is no flat surface to place my phone as a spirit level except for the pedal, but it is angled.
  2. I own a KS 16x So far as I know, the horizontal calibration is used to set the tilting of the pedal for forward tilting, completely levelled or backward tilting. Should I make sure the wheel stand completely upright? does it matter when the wheel is leaning to the side( Z axis?) during calibration ? Does the wheel also require calibration of tilting along Z axis?
  3. Thanks for the tips! I did sew some extra velcro on the straps so it can be tightened more which help a bit, but it still slide down when I walk for a while.
  4. That is interesting, I didn't know that my pants also matter. I have a loose fit pant and I just leave them messy with the pad on, some even tuck in the shin guard. I will try riding with a slim fit pant next time . Thanks!
  5. Thanks! It did help with the middle strap tightened just above the calf, what about the top strap? Should it be as tight as possible or slightly loose?
  6. Hello, recently I have bought a pair of dual axis knee guard and choose the size with regard to the size chart. While it is pretty comfortable (though a bit bulky), even with the strap are tightened (at least as tight as the velcro strip allowed) ,the knee guard keep sliding down after ,a bit of walking, especially the right knee guard. Is there any recommendations to prevent the knee guard from sliding to my ankle? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I noticed that there is ,much less discussion around elbow protection than knee guard. while I have decided to purchase leatt dual axis as my knee and shin protection gear,I am still looking for a quality elbow guard with good coverage. I have heard that the guard should be able to slide on the road to provide good protection thus I prefer elbow guard with hard plastic shell and avoid products from G-form that seem to stop you from sliding. But it seem that it is pretty challenging to find a elbow pad with both smooth hard shell and good coverage (would like to also protect the forearm ). My current choices in mind are Icon Field Armor Stryker Elbow guard (cannot confirm if the surface is made up of smooth and hard plastic) and leatt 3DF 6.0(this one seem to provide less coverage). Anyone has experience with these products?Or is there any other recommendation? Thank you!
  8. Sorry that I still don't really understand the whole situation with the BT problem, so as long as I dont play music during the ride, there should not be any problem?
  9. Good! But...my side pads are still the old version one....
  10. I bought my 16x last week, is the BT patch still needed now?
  11. Not sure if it has been discussed or not. It seem that the code h666, H 5106 are only the code for the the pattern of the tyre, even with the same code( thus same pattern),there are actually different models using different material but their model names are in chinese. The H-5106 tyre being discussed here is actually the cheapest model available in their 16x3.0 series. As far as I know, there are 4 different model ,with some using Kevlar material. For example, while with the same pattern H666, there are actually two different tyre one being called 大力神 and another being "無敵威龍”, the former Claimed to have added a thicker cushioning layer to lengthen the lifespan while the latter (which is the most expensive one) claimed to have Kevlar material to massively improve anti-puncture ability. Please refer to the photo below. The upper 2 tyre are the one I mentioned above. They have similar pattern and both being H-666 but the upper one is 無敵威龍 and the middle one also having H-666 pattern but called 大力神( you can tell from the different chinese letter). http://img1.tbcdn.cn/tfscom/i1/908425035/TB2PEXtmFXXXXX8XXXXXXXXXXXX_!!908425035.jpg Anyone have tried the difference between these tyres?
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