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  1. Good luck. Be sure to keep realistic expectations...
  2. I too am waiting to hear back about the nylanove pedals. Of course, NOW I'm waiting to hear back from you too!
  3. Stock up on marshmallow and beer.... you got it made in the shade with chances for HI-heat to temper your fade
  4. Definitely need comfy shoes! I feel all sorts of odd when my shoes are even tied a bit too loosely. Being comfy enough to move around on the pedals is a great habit to help with fatigue. I would suspect that whether or not you move within wide shoes or the shoe itself, the theory remains. Towards the end of last riding season, I noticed that conditioning kpet my feet from being sore, altho 'pins and needles' still showed itself at times. Similar to how the hands feel after a long tour on a motorcycle.
  5. Im curious if any of you taller guys are riding with the balls of the feet PAST the front edges of the pedals? I tend to ride at the edge (front) with balls of the feet just barely on. Any further forward and It REALLY sketchy. Perhaps theres a few here with a style that rides even more forward?
  6. This is good info for sure! Im not a great rider at all and am always ready to learn something new. You make me wonder if grabbing with my ankles at times, to keep me from bouncing off the pedals, is an acceptable and understandable practice? I also notice a tendancy to grab with my legs to help assist in maintaing higher speeds: is this also a bad idea? I don't ride with a tight grip on my wheels for most occassions, and wobbles are definitely made worse FAST, if I did. Im just wondering if maybe theres a balance in there somewhere? Perhaps at times, a tight grab on the wheel is useful,
  7. YOu do know that a REAL euc enthusiast would cry over the euc burning and laugh at the house, right? Cmon man, I expected much better from you! Headphones due to covid... learn something new everyday. What you guys doing out there in the west? Nevermind, I dont need to know... Storing a wheel outside isnt a bad option, if you live in some wierd place that its always mild temps. RocyTop and I get to enjoy rain a measely 350 days a year. The other two weeks are simply snow...
  8. Must resist the urge....... oh screw it! You got images of battery being full and can you verify it is not a geolocked wheel? Where was it originally purchased? I am somewhat within driving range and have a few slips of green paper that could entice the sale. Damn fine wheel version for sure!
  9. Lucky dog. I use the same cams and editor, but im on a pc. Gopro exported wont turn mine into 4k, it simply takes 360 and punches it down to 2k right off the bat. Further cropping and you end up with the shit I keep posting. Careful with worrying too much about your appearance, or the ladies will start to get angry! More of the same old neighborhood, more of the same ugly ass rider. NOW I've added audio assault to the video as I just needed to play with some of the music gear.
  10. image stabilization is voodoo magic! I am also shocked at how all us euc riders seem to float without bumps in our vids. Grab you one goto selfie stick with tripod built in and call it a day. Spending more on unicycles than cameras just makes perfect sense. I do keep a cam mounted to the front of my cycle, but the static view gets boring fast. Pretty much just keep it there for when I get run over or in a badass crash. NOthin worse than road rash, hospital bills and no damn footage to enjoy during recovery! I always shoot as wide as possible. Always easier to crop later than to add what wasnt
  11. The topic is actualy what NON-suspension wheels feel like. Back to 'non-suspension' it is.....
  12. I am farily certain the overstated speeds and range are well outside the margin for error, IF a company were to conduct multiple tests under standardized conditions. Flat ground 100lb human, no wind, properly inflated tires and 70-90degree ambient temps, 60% humidity. Obviously we will see variations and margins of error. However, it is NOT a simple error, that EVERY speed and range spec is overtated. Its by design. I fail to see how referencing exact numbers as it relates to dollars, as improper. I used the analogy, as some people may find money more important than others. Thus, the over
  13. Basically, your wheel will be safe when California goes up in flames this year, as it does almost every year? Excellent! Maybe put a cooler full of beer next to it and a lawnchair.
  14. Too funny. Oddly, I havent encountered any advice, just sheer confusion. Well, unless you count the 'wear more gear' standard response. I think half the time, people are confused for just long enough that I am already passing them by and they havent time to even make a statement. Usually when I mention that I have a wheel that can go 50mph, the idea of advice turns into incredulous looks of 'you are insane'. I must admit, they do have a point... I offer bystanders advice tho... "stay in your lane please, I dont want to be run over".
  15. I'd imagine the hole that the plug needs come out of, is distorted. Order replacements now so you wont have to wait. Be sure to keep the bill handy. It won't be much, but its possible you will get paid back for it in a settlement. Bigger worry is to keep up with any medical bills, as those will far outweigh parts costs. Look that hanger over really well too. I know if it were me, I'd expect EVERY MINOR DAMAGE to be repaired at their cost in the end. No need to feel like you're taking advantage of anyone, as YOU got hit. Hell, even the price of an entire new wheel is nothing in compare to what
  16. PB Blaster was always my goto. If its distorted and not simply stuck, you may have to cut. You could also drill, as i KNOW the metal being used is not going to be tempered/hardened and is most likely soft as can be. Just be sure to keep the bit cool with lubricant, should you go that route. Sorry to hear about the incident. Hopefully you got some form of incident report, as shouldnt the damages to you and the wheel, be covered by their insurance? Speedy recovery wishes and best of luck!
  17. I wonder if it KNOWS the trolley is up and this makes a difference. Or, is the trolley acting like an antenna of sorts and directing the emi down towards the board? Mine hasnt done it, but i also am hardly near anything but pavement and trees. This sucks to hear, but also seems kind of comical to me. Its always somethin aint it?
  18. Im one of those odd sorts that sees numbers as FACT. Paycheck was an analogy. 8% means differnt things to different people, depending on where their priorities lie and if they anticipate using ALL resources available. 8% on my sherm is easily some of my headroom and safety at speed. I guess I should start viewing numbers as more a 'theory' based item than actual math or statistics. We could call them "inaccurate speed reference meters" instead of speedos I guess. Maybe we can call them speedoguessNotaMeter. You are mistaken if you think numbers are inflated because of tolerances and not marke
  19. I honestly dont remember. Im an avid apple hater, so it was definitely done on a windows operating system. I THINK I found a version of droid and installed it. It was such a mess of new stuff for me to learn and I honestly dont recall what I ended up doing. Kind of sucks as I'll have to refigure it all out once this one breaks. Im pretty sure it wasnt too tough, or I would have royaly failed. Im thinking that I went into the os files and removed a TON of crap I didnt want. I installed a new dash for it and pretty much wiped it out but for the stuff required. I wish I could tell you exactly, as
  20. 8% makes a BIG difference IF you are attempting to meet certain speeds or are relying on that speed. Does 8% less money on a paycheck make a difference? TO some it doesnt, and to others... HUGE difference. All I see is yet another company lying about specs so that they can claim to deliver something they really can't. The entire argument of 'everyone else does it too", only weakens everyone as a whole and is not valid but detrimental. Speed and suspension are related, but more in the effect of 'the entire package'. If we ONLY cared about suspension and how it matters, we wouldnt even need
  21. RIm and tire runout is common. Unless it is massive, its not what is causing riding 'wobble'. Its usually rider skill that is the culprit. When a tire is somewhat out of round, you will feel it more like a hop. Of course, lateral runout can cause very minor wobble, but its also less an issue than how the rider balances. Letting a wheel freespin and seeing vibration is also normal. You're hard pressed in the tire world, to see a tire spin at 35mph and NOT induce some form of vibration. Even cars on the street with fairly stright rims and balanced, show wobble under free spin. Luckily we dont r
  22. I designed and printed a tpu cover for mine to protect the bevel. I installed a glass protector to hold my broken screen in place. SO far so good. I dont wear it tho, i hang it from clothing or attach to my wheels. It hold and plays my music, eucw and when it quits working I'll buy another. Half the reason I'd buy another is that I dont want to have to figure another stupid damn device out...again!
  23. I dont think it is capable of full use like a phone. Maybe the mic doesnt pic you up, or something. It can take a sim and do texting as a phone would. I definitely wouldnt use it for anything data sensitive. I 'hacked' into mine and removed all that heart rate and pedometer crap. Bluetooth is somewhat weak and I'd give ita bout a 5' range to my wheels. I think there are other less expensive alternatives, but its all relative. I can say that the lemfo does NOT like being smacked into the ground, as it has a glass screen.
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