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  1. Riding around, crashing my Skydio. Life is good!
  2. I managed to arc weld a metal pic to a charge port. It was REALLY FU**ING COOL too! Melted that sh*t real fast. The cool part was I went temporarily blind. I thought the power had gone out, but then realized I couldnt see the sunlight coming thru the windows either. It kinda muted my hearing for a moment too. It was REALLY loud then really quiet. Yup, fun times. My sight eventually faded back in after about 60 seconds. It was a very peacefull 60 seconds too. It must not have been that much voltage(67v) or amperage, as the cigarette in my ear didnt light itself, and I'm sitting here typing abou
  3. Almost all manufacturer inflate the speeds. What you are finding sounds about right. I would heavily caution you about riding the mten near its top speed. It is a torquey little wheel, but it has been known to be easily overleaned near its (overinflated) top speed. I'd suggest using the mten as a bit slower wheel. It sounds to me like you are more than ready to step up to a larger model. Stepping up to a larger wheel is THE ONLY way you are going to be able to safely go 20+mph for long at all. Fwiw,. I have the first version mten. It tops out at a slower speed. I honestly don't ride it near be
  4. Noted and thanks. I'll keep an eye on temps, but i do ride it like a sissy anyhow. I do believe it would be a much shorter list to type, if you would simply warn os uf what is NOT low quality parts. Im pretty sure 'euc spec' is its own phrase aint it? As in great quality, tolerable quality, low quality, euc spec quality... in that order
  5. it would be nice if you could select what information or make it 'scroll' from one to the next. Tho I agree, theres more important things to worry about. It aint like I wouldnt toss a samsung on it with eucw and hide the screen in the end, anyhow. Im looking forwards to how these turn out after about 6 months... I guess it would be WAY too much to ask for, if one wanted to be able control settings from the wheel/screen as Veteran does.
  6. It does look easy to see. I wonder how it does in direct sunlight? DOes it ONLY show speed? Oddly enough, I never look at my speed on my sherman. More important for me has always been battery level. Does the ks20 screen have options to show the important information like temp/battery, or just the ego information like speed? I wonder if the speed is inflated, making it about as usefull as an ice cube in alaska, and just as honest as a politician..
  7. Some related threads. Personally, I dont use a leash, nor do I intend to. Many opinions on the subject for sure.
  8. I HAVE to be confusing the numbers. I'm seeing sag down to mid 80's after a mile or two from 100%. Not hard riding, but not easy. This sounds about right. I'm pretty sure I've seen much worse, but its typically after a mile or two of high speed uphill sweepers. The voltage bounces back quickly as well. Its the 'safety margin' of 20% that I keep banging the crap out of under just normal riding. That and over voltage when doing e-stops from 30+ mph. Man I luv those I am not sure if I've ever heard the actual wheel itself beep. Maybe once, but I'm not sure. Eucw is my alarms and compared to the
  9. I guess the next best option would be to rent a scooter and ride like a total idiot..
  10. I keep hearing similar comments. Perhaps there's something wrong with my wheel. I should do a proper range test, check to see how many AH it takes from near empty (to fill). I am pretty sure I'm not using custom voltages in eucw. Surely MY 130lbs newbie a** isnt doing anything special or more than most riders. Now you guys have me worried....
  11. 90% of my rides are less than 10 miles. Most are <5 miles. Even on my Sherman, I top it off after each trip for the day. My ability to sag the battery down to below 50% within mere blocks, and the constant threshold warnings within the same distance or less, tells me to keep that battery as full as I can. I also do the same on my 67v mten. I mean sh*t, its obvious that it doesnt have a single watt of headroom to spare. I dont ALWAYS top off my 18xl, until it gets below 80% or so. It seems to have a more conservative top speed and I ride it like a scared little boy anyhow. Theres NO WAY I'm
  12. Different strokes.... I'm not a fan of visors in the up position. Wind noise and all. Some not as much as others. Whenever I have a shield on a helmet in the summer, it tends to get simply destroyed as I'm not so keen on being careful when the sweat is pouring and I toss a helmet to the grass I will concede that its probably better to have a shield and not need it, than not have one and need it. Again, I dont ride in cold, and being inside a shield kind of changes my entire ride persective. Something about being in that tiny bubble of plastic, makes me ride more like an idiot in a video game.
  13. If you have no wheel that works atm, I'd invest in something that is already a reality. I'm waiting for KS to prove themselves. As @Chriull mentions, you may want to verify some kind of warranty. It would royally suck to have 2 wheels and neither works...
  14. Ah, legalities.. Yeah, I would just assume the value of a pack of batteries would be about the same DECLARED value as a "used and for parts" euc. I am a total idiot when it comes to taxes and duties. I also assume that the value I declare is meaningless, should an insurace claim arise. Sounds to me like it would be cost effective to leave an euc in the country you plan to visit regularly. $2000 buy a brand new euc and posibly two of them. I mean crap man, how much is a 14" used euc really worth? Maybe forget the euc and fly a jet pack around when yuo are in India?
  15. I use a Shoei rf1200 but thats JUST for my motorcycle. I HAD a few 1100xx sport bikes and it fit my needs great. Of course, I'm an egg head and it is designed for high speeds and a more forward riding posture. I havent kept up with the newer offerings, as mine took 25+ yrs to find/afford and I'm quite content with it. Fwiw, my bell dh weights 1lb 14 oz. My shoei rf1200 weights in at 3lb 6oz. Even tho my shoei is not the lightest moto helmet I've owned, its fitment and aerodynamics make it FEEL lighter(at speed) than any by far. This merely illustrates that weight specs arent as big a factor
  16. Probably, but why wouldnt you just ship the entire euc instead of opening it to remove batteries youll need reinstall?
  17. Please do a little more research before charging the batteries. Your confusion about capacity AMP HOURS and charging current AMPERAGE, are a sign of 'danger! danger!' Your figures of voltage seem to be a little general as well. Theres also the fact that you need know how many of the batteries are in series vs parallel. A pack consist of many individual cells. Depending on their configuration as a set, changes how you charge them. There is also concerns of balancing each cell. I am truly not trying to be a d*ck here. I do that in a more obvious manner. I simply think you could ruin your ba
  18. +1! They are also not designed for such slow speeds. Of course the cheap ones don't even bother with such trivial considerations (wind, safety, comfort) during design. A lot of helmet threads around here. Plenty of quality choices. The hardest part is going to be finding one that fits perfectly, if you're picky at all. "chin guard breakaway system" says pretty much all you need to know, doesnt it? More like "chin breakaway guard system"... Dont go uber cheap, but dont be fooled by inflated pricing of basic helmets that happen to have marketed a NAME that surpasses the actual val
  19. have you tried a simple and cheap set of those rubber ear plugs they give out at factories? I hate the foam plugs, but those rubber type aint so bad. I once had to BUY a pair at a concert. Those asshats were dangerous loud (illegally so). I'm a rock drummer and sound tech, if it hurts my ears, its NOT legal for a venue.... I digress. Of course, you know if you block out the wind noise, it also includes beeper noise. High 20's(mph) on a 16x and lack of noise, MAY be a bad combo.. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/p/d/cbgnaw011071/
  20. I forced our cat to never use a litterbox. My wife swore the cat would crap all over the house. Well, it took 1 or two accidents and fear of King Shane, and now our cat meows at the door when he needs let out. If a dumbass bulldog can figure it out.... Tis a trick I learned in college, when it was a choice between litterbox or ramen noodles. How funny, you didnt realize that you live on one of the largest 'litterboxes' around. How odd the "humane" society would prefer put a cat back on death row, than allow it go outside. You know, cuz death by needle is SO much better than the possibility of
  21. AND living in Denver where it doesnt get too hot? I have a habit of tossing cheap helmets around. Full shields end up scratched too damn fast on mine. Still, Id rather a full shield than mucking about with scratched goggles.
  22. I hope you are right. I'm betting that having a few months of food and water, along wtih ability to survive local climate for a little while, is all it should take. Surely any HUGE shortages will be sorted out before too long. I don't suppose billions of people will sit idly by and not find some form of solutions...
  23. Tools and ammo. Tools to work the land and ammo to hunt. I live where theres water, mild climate, trees and animals. Even more valuable, where there are still older generations that could assist in the knowledge of how to survive. You know, BEFORE tech got people to forget that water and livable climates are a thing of value. We also stock up on ways to prevent the overrun of our local resources by those that flee their areas. All houses out here have canned goods, rice, flours, spices, salts, chlorine, fuel, firewood and personal protection. MOST also have land that can converted to farming u
  24. That is awesome and thanks for the info. Yeah, I LOVE my mtens for sure. You have me heavily considering doing something like this to my older one. Something about having music (even crap quality) IN a wheel, tickles my fancy. Not to mention the addon bonus of all the goodies eucw offers. Looking forward to seeing your how-to, should you ever decide to release/make one. I know how making a vid can sometimes be less than fun, especially if you get the project done and THEN think of it. New members require some likes before they can PM. I think it is a security measure. Here's one from m
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