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I am certain that I make perfect sense to myself, don't assume I do, to anyone else.  If you find yourself considering me a friend, dont advertise, someday youll wish you hadnt. Offensive to most, strangely nuerotic to some. Dont worry, you ll never have to wonder what I'm thinking. I am just yet another ant on the hill, with little desire to travel beyond my own coastline. Ignorance is bliss, dont ruin mine! Im not particularly helpful, but i wont get in the way if someone else wants to. I cant fathom why people like to live so closely to one another, you surely won't find me hanging in large groups or sitting in traffic on a regular basis. Like the dodo bird, rare sightings occur. If you arent offended by me yet, just give me time. If off color humor, publicly incorrect jokes and laughing at the ways people are all strangely fucked up, aint your thing, you best be moving along....  Just because I tolerate things, doesnt mean I accept them. Just because I dont accept things, doesnt mean you should give a shit what i think. You are ALL Free to be complete retards, as long as it doesnt directly impose on my ability to be the same. Not convinced yet? I dont own a cell phone, dont own a car with gps or microphones, dont own a smart TV, and dont give a rats ass if you think i should be 'on call' to the world at all times. You can feel good knowing: No offspring from me to walk this earth, my legacy begins and ends right here. Have a great DAY!


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