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  1. You guys are awesome, thanks for so much advice and direction on the printing. Here's a hopefully simple question or two for the not so new printer guys... How are you changing colors and flushing them out easily? I run the extruder a LOT to flush colors and sometimes pull the filament out and back into the extruder a few times to assist. Even so, I JUST got done printing a natural nylon test cube and the very last 2 layers of a 20mm 6gr cube, came up with a mean blue hue from the previous nylon print. SO odd that the print stayed clear/natural until the last layers. I swore I ran a CRAP TON thru it when I switched them. Also.. how are you getting the filament off the very end of the nozzle, when you want to re-level the bed? I've tried pulling straight down, getting it hot and scrubbing the paper like hell. Every now and then, I get a bed thats too high, as I must have been feeling the drag of a tiny bit of leftover filament, instead of bare nozzle. I know, just simple stupid shit. Im sure you guys have devised a way to make it as easy/reliable as possible. Oddly, I find myself in a state of Zen, when Im leveling with paper, I quite enjoy it for some unknown reason. Probably still just mystified at the accuracy required in it all. I luvs me some micrometers! Fwiw, Ive just been cranking the shit out of the temps to burn this nylon. It seems to be bonding pretty well at 260degrees. Im also certain that I'm within 10degrees of thermal runaway and am slowly melting my shroud. I honestly dont care, as long as i've the fire extinguisher handy. Its all chinese parts, Im sure they make more. Burn that bitch up, gives me more reason to install better parts. One thing I KNOW, watching this thing print is putting me in a trance. I should have been born a raccoon, chasing around shiny objects...
  2. BAM, nail on the head! Fwiw, the pads of the s18 are NOT comfortable. Youll either toughen up to it, or ride a much looser stance. Ironic that Kuji designed the pads, yet he immediately added crap cheap bumper pads on top. Surely people can read into that and be accurate in what they come up with?! I havent forgotten when Kuji carefully mentioned the s18 makes a great novice/intermediate wheel. Thats the nice way of saying... its got no fukn balls man. I'm going to keep my eyes open for how the v11 comes along. I have a feeling it will make it to my collection next year, unless another brand tackles the same thing better. Currently Im eating crow, as I was one to praise the superior design of the s18 suspension. In practice...... well, lets just say Im back to riding a non suspension wheel and was dead wrong. Lesson learned...AGAIN. Too bad I'm sure I'll still remain thick headed and be wrong in the future too. I'm already touted as an idiot and my opinion on the s18 isnt making me any friends for sure. Funny how I make a shit video and mention the s18 and get MASSIVE views and mostly bitter people attacking me. I guess a persons opinions are only acceptable when agreeable. If not, you MUST be a fool and idiot.
  3. This is not true. It can be adjusted, aired up/down its just not easy. It is easier to start from zero pressure, but you can adjust it either way. Not worth the trouble tho.. Didnt KS decide to go to another style of shock that has only one valve, thus making it a moot point? If they did, we can surely assume the ks18 will be easier to adjust than the v11, but I'm still not convinced it matters much in the grander scheme.
  4. Comparing these two wheels is probably an exercise in futility. ALL the specs and theories in the world are being undermined by build quality differences and other factors. One MAY have a superior suspension setup in theory, but in practice, the sum of the parts is more important. I was SADLY mistaken when I relied on suspension theory and design in my purchase decision. Looks can be deceiving! I wonder how many other people will allow themselves to come to the same conclusion?
  5. Maybe not yet, but I bet they will, once they realize just how many EUC's he's partially responsible for being purchased. Hell, Gotway should owe Marty at least 1-2 free mtens I bet.
  6. This is what i needed to hear. This wheel is planned to be a street cruiser/mile eater for me. At such a weight, I had no intention of making it into anything offroad, more than a leisure climb. So long as Veteran puts throttling or warning in it, that save the hardware, I can be okay with having to stop and rest on tough climbs. I can also be okay with not flying at speed up the mountain. Sustained higher speeds on a typical street with standard road inclines is my concern. I'd imagine the speed aids in cooling. Since the NYC boys are speed demons and some weigh more than I, my preorder is still safe. Exciting wheel with a likely chance I won't be upset. I honestly think that my plans for this wheel are within what they intended it to do. Hope springs eternal anyhow. Hey Veteran: Double check mine to see that it at least has the screws in it, that you designed it to hold.
  7. Excellent safety advice. I was wondering how common a fire was. I'll put mine on concrete in the middle of nothing shortly. Would a clear lexan enclosure suffice, or is it also a fire hazard? I was merely j/k about the toys (kinda). I surely wouldnt want to design something intended for anything more than display. WOuld be fun to see the comments tho. I'm not a fan of the smaller nozzle idea, it goes against my inability to be patient. I do like the .2 for uber fine detail, but its miserably slow. As in 2-3 days for a 4" figurine slow. I think I'll be making more things of utility in nature. Fun stuff, but definitely limited in what it can and can't do. Giving away trinkets seems to be a glorious waste of colors.. fun fun
  8. Saying things like this, cost me lotsa money. I think its my lack of patience and desire to burn nylon, that is starting to take me into the realm of heavier duty printers. I only run into problems when I push that plastic thru the .8 at greater speeds. I would suspect my next move would be to quit pushing it and buy a more sturdy printer. Since this is just a hobby, I fear how the costs increase would be exponential. I'll tinker and tinker. My biggest concern is the nylon warping. I guess its a two fold problem. I cant burn it hot enough for good adhesion and I cant keep ambient temps up enough to prevent premature warp. Solution seems to be big heater, liquid cooling, insulated booth. I may need to sit and ponder a bit on how far I wanna go with this. Thanks much for the kind words and advice. I am noticing a shortage of sex toys on thingiverse. Perhaps I should create a brand. It sure would be nice if I could learn to design a cover for my lemfo watch...
  9. I tend to get carried away with things and then move on to the next. Funny you mention, as I just got 4 rolls in today. A couple more nylons and another flavor of purple. Im still waiting on 6 short rolls of pla metallic. Im definitely diggin how much easier the quality mirco swiss nozzlesare. I did suffer a clog and used a torch. It worked, but I'd imagine any plating on that thing is long gone, along with how they hardened it. Prints good still tho. Im noticing that higher temps aids in layer adhesion, but it also makes supports impossible and effects bridging. Lower temps are great, but its a fine line between great and no adhesion. Im also working with fan speeds/use, as it helps a lot in support. My biggest problem is that the temps of petg and nylon are at the top of limits for mine. When I run the fan at all or run a .8 nozzle, I get heat creep or the heater just cant keep up. My extruder begins to tear up filament and its a done deal. Add that my power cycles sometimes, its hit/miss and the ups should really help. I did manage to figure out how to incorporate color changes by layer and modify a little gcode. It was surprisingly easy, you just have to get the feel for how your extruder primes new colors and get a process in order. I'd imagine I'll need another printer or some upgrades to this one, to keep up with the speeds and temps of nylons. A clear booth could be made for it, to keep temps from dropping? I think the nylon curls up because its cooling too quickly and the newest layers are laying on a shrunken form, thus making it worse? I used the textured side of that bed and tore glass out of it. Adhesion on the smooth side is perfect with petg (i use it a lot), no brims. Pla likes to have glue stick under it, OR brimming. The nylon sticks to the glue with wide brims, but even those dont always hold my corners down. Its odd to watch the part curl up and TEAR away from the brims, so I dont think its an actual adhesion problem, rather a shrink issue. Any advice is great to have! I am right now, playing in AD360 and watching the video links you gave me. Hes a great teacher, but Im having to go back over everything and pause it a bit from time to time. I think my drafting days of 20+ yrs ago, are gone. I'd imagine a beer took that skill many years ago. Anyhow, its back to vids, as I need to print a cylinder with lip for a rain gauge. Go figure, we buy a gauge and they use crap brittle plastic. I'd imagine my petg won't last forever, but if its 2-3hrs and $.50 to print, I can knock that out when need be. Thanks for the guidance, this is definitely a usefull time wasting hobby.
  10. Stepping off only works when you are still riding slower than you can flat out run. Hanging on for dear life is a skill Im developing, as Im always undergeared (none) and going faster than I can run. Im riding this pig until it throws me off. Glad to see you guys are figuring/figured it out. That rash sure looks like it stung in the shower.... Ah, fun times, fun times!
  11. Been running my printer almost 24/7 since I got it. Finicky little things they are. I finally got the nerve to set it into a 12hr print job and burn a $20 roll of Kodak Petg. I made an euc stand, but I still think my cheap wooden are better. This little stand is going to stay under my mten, until I can design a proper stand that supports the tire while in use. Im learning a little bit about autodesk360, but its a pretty deep program. Much different than the old days on a drafting table. I now have more invested in damn plastic than I do the printer itself. I must admit, the Kodak filaments are working out MUCH better than the esun. Im using a LOT of petg as pla is just so damn brittle. Pla is much faster and easier to work with with less stringing, but petg seems much more stable. I am a color fanatic now, I love chasing colors! My latest design is a simple gopro case for my hero3. It only took 13 prints to get it JUST RIGHT. I'm somewhat ocd and it seems like the printer caters to that. I have an e3d extruder, but am already wondering if there should be an upgrade coming asap? I cant hardly print nylon as my printer doesnt like the hotter side of 250 degrees. I'm also hearing odd creaks and grinding filament when I run my .8 nozzle at faster speeds. Perhaps a volcano hot end should be on my list? Seems like most of these parts arent very expensive, so Im just wondering where is the best place to put the meager dollars. Im running a creality cr10 v3 at the moment. I can say that quality nozzles make a HUGE difference! Once my ups arrives, I'll be more confident in running longer jobs. Of course, the grinding doesnt make me too secure in it, but I do know that plastic collection will shrink VERY fast.
  12. No rule that says you can't ride ONLY on private land. I think you're trying to negate his point and I'm not buyin' it. I've owned many vehicles that were illegal to operate on public roads and land. Still didnt have a right to geo lock them or prevent me from enjoying them LEGALLY on private lands and trails. ALL my cars go faster than ANY speed limit in the USA. Doesnt mean I have to break the law, but the car manufacturers also arent in charge of making sure I cant.
  13. When you drive old cars like I do with over 350,000 miles on them and no cell phone, the ole euc in the seat could be a good strategy. I feel much better about it when I have my 10 mile or 30 mile euc with me. Of course, I don't inhabit populated areas, so the risk of theft is low. Screw it, you need no excuses, you NEED an mten. You have all those wheels with low miles on every last one. You get an mten and youll have an excuse for its low miles... its an ant racing, doughnut carving, listen to the world around you wheel. SHAME on you for not having one!
  14. I echo your sentiment. Tho IF my wheel had been bricked on vacation, I would have already avoided their company like the plague. Half the joy of my wheel is that it connects to bluetooth for music and eucw. It would be a shame if i had to disable the bluetooth physically, as I have to worry about a bricked wheel. I havent had the KS app installed in months. I dont care how many revisions they make, I dont trust it, now more than ever. Kingsong better do some damage control, or they will start to lose USA sales in droves. I know they are still selling them, but the niche group of euc riders can be smaller and more vocal than you would suspect. It won't take very many of our youtube friends with MASSIVE audiences, to initiate a boycott that would impact sales. You better get on it JAck, as this shit storm has been brewing for a while and is only getting worse. I keep seeing posts about it on here and on facebook. With the reach of social media, this dirty practice won't go unnoticed for very long. Personally, I'm am more than ready to give another euc company a try. My brand loyalty and fondness for KS, grows weaker by the month. Quit selling wheels to these fucking resellers that are violating YOUR contracts, and quit taking it out on your customers. And for you cheap bastards buying from ALI to save money. This is also YOUR fault and I have ZERO sympathy if you get a brick. I dont care if you think an euc costs too much. If you cant pony up to buy it from an authorized reseller, maybe you shouldnt fukn buy one, or look for used. It aggravates me to no end, to see people focusing on the $$ while ignoring the greater impact. Probably the same people who wave at their neighbor while making sure to not patron his store because he has a markup that you can beat online. Pay the price, show some damn pride and none of this bullshit would be as bad as it is!
  15. You must be reading my mind. I was JUST thinking to myself... I really do like being able to update firmware, but hmmm. My mten just works and i need not worry. I'm starting to rethink my initial disappointment about it, and embrace the stable simplicity of it. With a sherman on the way, I hope to fully embrace the standalone nature of it, while enjoying eucw cuz I want, not because I need to.
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