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  1. oops, fixed it. Yes, pedal dip not tiltback.
  2. practice carving in very small amounts. Asphalt around here does the same thing and its hard to see where/when it will happen. Firstly I've learned to not over-react. Secondly, I tend to do a little bit of carving to keep me crossing lines rather than being forced to follow them. I think you will get less prone to them being an issue, as you travel more. If you get nervous and over-react or slow down, it could make it worse. Whatever it is you are doing that has caused you crash more than once, perhaps evaluate what you did and try to do something else next time? As with a bicycle, you want ot avoid running parallel in grooves and to try cross tracks at angles.
  3. So, since having the sherman for a little bit, I am REALLY not loving the pedal dip issue. I know that setting tilt can help, but it's not really the core of the problem. I don't know if/when Veteran wil be able to fix this issue. I do know that these don't seem to be easily updateable via firmware. Has there been a release or way of keeping track of what board revisions have been released and what boards are avialble when this problem (hopefully) gets remedied? I'm assuming I'll need open the wheel to even know which board mine is. Something I'll remember to check I guess, when I get around to waterproofing or having to replace a screen.
  4. Well... How's the weather? Whats the turnout looking like so far? Any good tales to tell? Seems awfully quiet around here for an event that has already closed on its first couple nights of bonfires and general mayhem...
  5. I'm not sure I understand what you are implying? Unfortunate that a breach of contract results in what they forewarn you about. These things happen, so surely this is not your point? I read the link too. I didnt notice 'rehire' in the topic. Im definitely confused, but this is to be expected. Makes me want to see the movie tho!
  6. I've tried all 3 modes. In soft mode during high speed sweeping turns or tight 180's, the tilt is a tad excessive. Hi speed uphill sweeper is even worse and I'm just a mere 130lbs. In hard mode I found it much less but still prevelant. Also in hard mode, it just seemed well...harder. It was harder than my 18L and I could feel it being a little more demanding on the body. So, I settle for medium mode. I have yet to mess with tilt settings yet, but I'm hoping it will prove useful. I noticed this dip oddity in my first short ride. I messed with the settings on my gas station ride of 30miles. So far it hasnt caused a tumble, bit its definitely less subtle than a useful leverage tilt would be. Awesome wheel for sure! I ride my 18L on hard mode, butit doesnt really compare. Next will be to mess with tilts to see what balance of braking vs/moving I can compromise to for my current needs.
  7. Don't let me scare you off of the euc. I rarely fall anymore and a LOT of people here that take less risks, probably fall near never. You are a little bit more at the mercy of the machine on an euc, but I wouldnt let that detail be what you focus on entirely. Sucks about the theft. Either way you go, I guess a chain is in order. I'm at 9+ mos and over 1,000mi. I wouldnt be too worried if i had a backpack on with laptops in it. Only once so far, has a spill wound me up on my back. Just because I 'expect' to fall off, doesnt mean it's going to happen. Again, don't let my simple opinion undermine what you may conclude on your own. My riding style is at speeds WELL above what I could hope to run out. However, when I am just putting around on my mten, a 'fall' is merely stepping off the damn thing and walking away before it asks me to dance. The fall is pretty much the euc not me. Horses for courses. If you plan on riding walking speed everywhere, you stay off the street and you worry much less about what may happen if you 'fall'.
  8. Tricky question. An euc is much easier in terms of portable. Even a decent 35lb euc will more than likely pull you up a hill for a mile. Of course, the grade and your weight apply. I have both scooter and eucs. My dual motor scooter can pull hills just like an euc, but its also 70lbs and my <20lb mten pulls the same hills. I ride my scooter and euc on streets as there is no sidewailk or parking lots here. I could carry an euc (aside from the sherman), easily onto a bus or trolley it into a store and go mostly unnoticed, It seems like a rolling suitcase. However, I'd trust the scooter more, if i was having to carry random objects in quantity in a bag or backpack, or if road conditions were much worse than a light mist. Euc leaves the hands free, but it doesnst really equate to being able to carry a ton of shit reliably for miles w/o a bag/pack. My scooter and eucs are NOT waterproof, so thats a moot point. People ride the euc in snow all the time, but... its still a single wheel and loss of that tiny sningle contact patch can mean bigger risks than a scooter. You ask some REALLY hard questions to answer. I enjoy both, but the scooter is more like well.... a scooter. The euc is more like magic floating leg extensions. A scooter is WAY easier to learn than an euc. Some people pick up the euc very quickly, but I'm assuming its still more involved in the initial stages. I plan on falling most times when I ride an euc. I plan on NOT falling when I ride a scooter. I hardly fall on either, but its no secret that 1 wheel is less stable than 2. I am going to take the chicken's way out and suggest you own both. Of course, that doesnt really help much, but it never stopped me before. Welcome to the group! great questions and i do think its in the right place..
  9. You almost had me going. I missed that part where you admitted to simply 'talking out your a**'. You have valid points, but you may be swaying the opinions of perspective buyers and you havent even ridden the damn thing? You don't buy the most expensive and most powerful car, nor the heaviest truck, to take your very first driving lessons. People have done it, but look at how expensive the sherman is! Why would anyone want to take a $3k plunge on a VERY heavy wheel that has abilities a person may NEVER decide to use? A LOT of guys dont care to ride 80lbs nor do they care to ride 40mph. Until you are a rider yourself, its hard to know what style you will end up riding in. Everyone THINKS 30mph is slow.... until they ride it on an euc. Granted, 30mph IS slow to some, but not most. I still think a more reasonably priced euc that has middle of the raod specs and a wider range of able uses, makes a better first wheel. If you buy right and dont get too careless, your beginner wheel will not collect dust, even as you gain others. Tbh, my beginner wheel is the most used. My brand new sherman is awsome, but its also collecting dust. Its not THAT often that i need to plan I'm going a 20+ mile ride at 40+mph speeds
  10. Agreed! I also found the mten to be VERY tricky as a learner. It is not very forgiving because of its response for being a smaller wheel. It also doesnt have enough height to make it easy to mount/dismount. My 18L was MUCH simpler to learn. Don't give up tho. The mten is a fun little wheel and you will eventually get the hang of it. I am finding it VERY easy to stand in place and teeter or ride backwards on it(now that I somewhat know how to ride). Still, that initial learning curve is a total bitch! I think an 18 with a rollNZ cover should be the goto learner. It also happens to be the wheel I ride most BY FAR, over my other two. Opinions vary, but i dont think either the Sherman OR the Mten are a good first learner. Of course, people will justify that it is, so they have a reason to buy either one.
  11. meh, just buy some standard fork oil. I would suggest typical motor oil, but who knows what generic materials those tube 'seal/guides' are made of? Any kind of oil that is safe for seals should be fine. Hell, its just to prevent cheap steel tubes from rusting. I highly doubt it even needs be a certain weight. Me, I'd use wtf ever I had laying around and worry about the myriad of other things that will fail, before the type of oil matters. I have a tiny tube of teflon based oil for fishing reels here. You cant argue that its going to hurt anything. Fwiw, my fork seals are typically installed with lithium grease. Got any of that around? The basic point is...most anything would probably work. Got crisco handy? I don't know if 20yrs in an auto shop qualifies me as experienced, nor the myriad of bikes I maintain. As always, my advice is merely entertainment in value, take it at your own risk.
  12. balancing an euc rim isnt the same as a bike rim. You cant seperate the rim from the motor so its a crap shoot. I havent bothered try to balance mine, as a static balance will be near impossible for the drag of the motor. I havent looked, but surely a tube is a tube. I would think that if you can get anything close to the right size, it would work. Don't quote me on it, but I wouldnt be too worried about spending a few pennies just to see of some cheapo tube that isnt 'euc specific' would work. What size of tire is it running? Sorry, I dont own a nik. The biggest problem will probably be valve angle and how much room you got. https://www.monsterscooterparts.com/16-x-2-4-16-x-2-25-2-50-tube-with-angled-valve-stem.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5fz5ge687AIVPB-tBh2euAV7EAQYAyABEgITMvD_BwE
  13. create your own? Not a bad idea... I do think the mods prefer a hands off approach tho. s18 thread is 152 pages today
  14. Running out of ways to be passively offensive on the golf course. Perhaps these will help... Before you start crying sexism, know that I would smack the shit outta a naked guy too.
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