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  1. Having to ever admit that to myself is what I fear the most. "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a toys r us kid" (not accepting new members anymore)
  2. I use eucw and never thought about the vibrate feature. Out on a ride with my lemfo strapped to my arm, it would vibrate at 30mph (JUST BEFORE TILTBACK) and it coincided with the beeps on the wheel. It was THEN I realized how damn wonderful that could be. If i wore a helmet or my wheel beeps werent loud, that tiny vibration would be enough. I was pleasantly surprised to find a feature I'll use, by accident. You would think the tiny vibration would be easy to miss, but it wasnt. Subtle, but of a frequency that was easily recognized. Eucw is awesome and I still dont know what half the shit it does, is.
  3. sorry, not angry, just a little disappointed. Its my own fault as I always have expectations that are not so reasonable. I was REALLY hoping THIS was going to force me to buy another wheel. Being told that I shouldn't want something to be 'better' and should buy something else entirely (things i already own), rubs me a little tho. Being told that something is too dangerous is also not something I enjoy. But you are right, I come off angry and because of this, I keep few friends and imagine people groan as I approach. Your view is noted and I will try to restrain myself from being the devil's advocate, more often. I DO make everyone else seem more tolerable, so there's always that!
  4. they mounted your tire opposite from our is all. now THATS great qc for ya! Seriously tho, if anyone is deciding to make things, its a good idea to try and make it the same. Tho it may not matter, it just raises doubt. I didnt see any other QC issues other than pedal hinge specs. In a perfect world, my ocd would have nothing to feed on. Fwiw, the 2.0 FW delays the light from cutting out so quickly via sensor. This did help with passing car lights turning it off, tho it still does sometimes. I wouldnt think this fw change would help with cars behind you and a rear facing sensor. MAYBE they intended it to face forward and the FW change was to assist in useability? Just to clarify.. I LOVE MY 18L, and its QC was much better than most of my toys. Tbh, i open up everything when i get it new and rebuild it, and very few things avoid me bitching about something...
  5. LOTSA loctite There should be dimples to assist you put them in correctly. I tightened mine to the point the screws dig into me nuts. With that and loctite, they havent lossened yet. Big Wave I think they just randomly install the tire. Your musta been installed the OTHER way from ours. My charge ports on opposite the side of power button. Charge in front, on/off in back. Possibly a change or just more random QC qwerks. Level calibration makes it fairly moot. Hell, my tire could be backwards altogether, but swapping that rubber flap is hella easier to me, than swapping tire direction. I dont want to know for SURE which way, as i'm ocd and dont want to have to 'fix' it. I kinda assume that the sensor on front makes more sense, as on back, my headlight would be off with a car behind me. Of course, with a car behind me, maybe they figure i dont need a light at all. With sensor on front, my light does go out as cars pass, kinda freaky first few times it happens. Idk, just petty details, probably doesnt really matter much either way.
  6. Theres an arrow on my sidewall too, it should point to the back when on the bottom. Dont fret by try 20 theyll address that pesky low mortality rate. Probably no difference in ride, only its ability to shed water at speed. If you dont go fast thru water, i'd imagine its more an ocd thing that not. Ive never hydroplaned on my euc, not sure its even possible, but im ocd anyhow. I was in the tire bizz for a decade, so Im trained to worry. lol
  7. check direction of tire tread. My power is in the back. This also keeps the light sensor from turning off my lights when being followed by a car. However, my light does go out for a moment with oncoming headlights. I dont know which direction it is supposed to be, so i made it follow the tire rotation. Moving a flap seemed much easier than removing a tire. Its likely that they may have mounted tires either way, as QC isnt REALLY high on their list of worry.
  8. Its not wrong of me to WISH for something that hasnt been designed yet. I have vehicles to fit speed needs, I just wouldnt mind having other options too. If we all just decided that good enough was 'good enough', there wouldnt be a suspension on this one. I could easily say... 'if you want to offroad with a suspension, perhaps you need something other than an euc." Until today, there was no option. The refusal to accept the status quo as 'good enough', is exactly waht propels change. And safety? GIve me a break guys, the moment you buy an euc, you are obviously accepting increased danger to enjoy something. You want safe... dont get in a car, dont walk in public and dont eat fast food. Its all about acceptable risk. 200mph on a sportbike is acceptable risk for me, for some it isnt. Opinions vary, and it seems my willingness to accept risk in the pursuit of enjoyment, must be the vast minority. I'll bow out of this thread now, as I can tell im not doing anything but becoming a negative nancy. Fwiw, im glad they came out with something new, and Im sure it's meeting the wants of many. Hooray for new ideas!
  9. Ive hit the ground more than once in excess of 40mph, you can survive and recover(dirt bikes, bicycles, street bikes). The debate is safety vs speed i guess. When i hear 'pro', I assume that 'safety' falls further down the list. Riding along a canyon edge or near 60mph traffic... safe? Maybe it would be the end an euc company IF they catered to the individual that accepts risk and chooses to push it or not. Fwiw, i was never normal, so hitting the pavement hard, wont fix that. I'd imagine the guys involved in X-games, are aware of the deadly risks they take, yet they still take them. I would suspect that IF an euc maker made a model that would realistically keep up with traffic, helmet laws would begin being written into the books. Hell, i could foresee them being mandated to be insured as well. At a certain threshold, politics surely do interfere. Streetable Scooters vs mopeds illustrate that fairly well.
  10. I just wanted to see a wheel that was no frills and could get me down the road at 45mph. Im not a speed demon, its just 45mph is the speed to safely keep up with residential traffic (and rural) and not get run over. I am beginning to think that we need an incredible update to battery or motor tech, to get this done. Of course, these are designed in China. Obviously they have different traffic patterns and speeds. Here in the USA, 45mph isnt that fast, nor is it uncommon to need to go that fast to NOT be a detriment to traffic. I was really expecting something new in the works for power/speed ability. Im glad they are trying out new things, they just didnt quite cater to the things i was hoping to see. A REAL pro euc would push the envelopes of speed, durability and power. When i think PRO, i dont assume safety should be a primary concern. Bright lights are nice, but i got easy solutions for that and they can be aimed(how do you keep a headlight aimed on an euc that moves in all direction at random as you ride?). Some cars came with moving headlights to help with this, but man what a nightmare to keep them operating for any length of time. I dont have an easy solution to keeping up with standard traffic. I'm eagerly awaiting what KS comes up with, as they ALREADY meet the specs of this NEW euc, in the places that I find value. I wonder if those pedals are Chinese feet sized or big American foot sized?
  11. the new hid style headlights in cars also blind people and are both a cutting color and excessively bright. All speculation tho, we havent seen it in person. I just know that my euc headlight is not very usefull as my euc tends to waver more than a car. They are touting an insane ammount of lumens, so no doubt it will be bright. Just dont lean back with traffic in front of you. Beam direction is more important than intensity.
  12. Being an 'off road' vehicle, I wonder how all those protruding angles and open cooling area, will do when its slammed into a mud puddle and bounces off a rock, BEFORE happening to stop right where it needs to, so you can land back on it and crack a rib? Having a headlight that pisses everyone off coming at you, and is attached to a constantly bouncing and swinging body, while generating heat to be pulled thru the shroud? DId anyone else notice how narrow the stand was and how carefully it was placed on the podium (level/flat)? I wanna see how NZrolls manages to handle this one? My euc happily lays on its side when its parked in the wild, protected by neoprene. How odd, my off road motorcycles NEVER had a stand as its OFF ROAD!! Seems like the developers got confused. Lets make it for off road, but focus on highway lighting, body stylings and a kick stand.
  13. Im a fan of the simplicity designs. This new design seems to be the OTHER end of the spectrum. The suspension intrigues me, but nothing else about it, really holds any interest. I applaud them for bringing something new to the table, and just because it isnt anywhere near my likings of visual flavor or specs, anything to propel the industry, is a good thing. Even if the V11 was a flop, it at least lets the other manufacturers know what NOT to do next. If the suspension is a winner, im sure itll be implemented in much better stylings, across more brands in the future. Im sure theyll sell a few, people will throw BIG money at something unproven and not even released yet. Bless the test rats, their fat pockets and unending hopes!
  14. interesting, but not amazing. Id love to see the suspension in action, but it really doesnt spark me to trade out my 18L. Very odd look, Id be scared to crash it. 3000w max fets, 50kmh max speed, mediocre battery size and enough lumens to get a ticket. I bet she runs a shade warm, big cooling area. Aimed at offroad, but shell design seems a little excessive for off-road. I wonder if the suspension helps keep your feet on the runners. 70mm travel is quite a bit!
  15. My wife told me that she read a report that a local water treatment plant has closed down and THREE employees have decided to live inside for a while. Im not starting any debate or trying to make this out more than it is. I was just excited to hear that a REAL SOLUTION to a concern of mine, is being addressed. It got me thinking... what other companies that are in DIRE need of being operational 24/7, are taking appropriate steps to ensure their continued use? I KNOW, we all THINK we are part of essential services, but when 90% of the population is essential, it really doesnt add up to a good method for stopping transmission of virus'. Then theres the problem of even IF you close a plant down and get employees to live on premise, are you properly cleaning EVERY LAST PARCEL that may enter the grounds? Anyhow, just thought I'd share, as i got really excited to hear this. It humbles me a lot as I realize that SOME people may become so important to thousands of others, that we will NEED to protect them, above ourselves, for the greater good.
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