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  1. Thanks Seba !! I can vouch for the fact that the light control works perfect !! One other minor question, I have a Wear OS watch that has two buttons, when I choose in the Euc World app to assign some action to 'button action', nothing happens when I hit the button on the watch. Does the app read the buttons on the watch? if so, which button does it read if I have two buttons on my watch?
  2. I am using 1.0.4 version, but the horn still doesn't work under "On-board" mode on my Inmotion V10, anything else I can try?
  3. I am trying out the horn, and on my Inmotion V10 this only works if I choose in Horn Mode to do it via Bluetooth Audio. If I choose on-board in Horn Mode, nothing happens when I press the horn. The problem is I like to listen to music via bluetooth headphone when I am traveling on my V10, if I have to connect the horn via Bluetooth Audio, then I loose this ability unless I do not mind my music coming through the V10's speakers .... I know my V10 has on-board horn, as I can activate that using Inmotion's own app. Is it because EUC World has not included the code for Inmotion's horn that nothing happens if I choose on-board in Horn Mode? Is there any way to include the code for Inmotion?
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