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  1. One more thought... I think you/EUCs are on the cusp of a transportation revolution. It’s exciting to see all the options for personal transportation that gives people the freedom of mobility that is not dependent on a car, including EUCs, escooters, one wheelers, electric skateboards, etc. and to see all the options that have come to market in just a few short years. A single wheeled self balancing electric vehicle may not be the best choice for someone like me, but perhaps the innovations happening in the market will lead to something more feasible for folks like me.
  2. Thanks for all the great feedback. There’s too many of you to quote but I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. I DO want it, despite my reservations. I am not fit per se, meaning I am not able to run, but I have otherwise complete use of my legs, including good reaction and body balance. If you saw me walk, you wouldn’t know I had joint replacements unless I told you. I do think EUCing (is that a word?) can help build my core muscles and overall help my strength and mobility in the long run IF I train cautiously using an aide like the stroller in a way an ebike can not.. Incidentally, I had an ebike, but we have a lot of bicycle theft in my area, so my interest in pursuing the EUC would be to return to a more freeing form of transportation (get out of the car) that has the flexibility of coming with me to meetings or in stores so as not to be left unattended outside. I agree with ‘accept the consequences’, which is why I sold my motorcycle...I felt too vulnerable at speed with distracted motorists around me on their cell phones, etc. and counted my blessings from logging many miles and never suffering a crash. I get that those motorists are still very much there. I’ll go back and reread/take to heart all your advice. The good news is that I still have all my safety gear from the motorcycle in the event I decide to give it a go, I’ll be prepared in that department. Thanks again.
  3. Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum and am here to explore whether an EUC could be a fit for me even though I have hip replacements and don’t want to fall, pretty much ever. I discovered the EUC by accident when I was out walking my dogs and a young man zipped by me on his wheel. IMO, he was traveling much too fast for the bike path we were on and zipped by so fast I couldn't even tell you if he wore protective gear, but as a former motorcyclist, I was intrigued about this mode of transportation and wanted to know more. I've watched a ton of videos and read a number of posts, checking out the different EUCs. I’m intrigued by the few EUC’s that offer a seat and wonder if riding seated offers a slight degree of additional safety in bringing the center of gravity down as well as allowing both feet to be put down quickly in the event of an emergency stop. I notice also that those EUC’s with seats are generally the highest power options and generally not marketed as beginner wheels. I’ll be a conservative rider. I won’t be pushing the speed limit of the wheel as I don’t want to risk injury or dislocation of my hip replacements. So basic question is: do you experienced people think I can learn from the get-go to ride seated? I realize there are devices out there that are specifically a seated unicycle with a fat tire and handle, but I don’t like this set up as they seem too big to walk into a store with such a device which is what I’d do with an EUC rather than leave it unattended outside. I’ll also add that I plan to learn to ride standing with ‘training wheels’ sort of. I have a bike trailer/stroller that I use when I walk my dogs. I tether the dogs to the stroller so the stroller absorbs any pulling by them instead of it torquing my hips. Eventually, it would be nice to use the wheel to ‘walk’ them in this setup so we could zip along a little faster, but in the beginning, I could just use the trailer/stroller as my ‘moving rail’ to help with balance as I learn. So, thoughts? Should I pursue learning to ride an EUC, a large one with the seated option, or would you say it’s not advisable under the circumstances? Btw, I’m mid 50’s and female.
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