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  1. Yes, My EUC connected, Images with EUC Connected https://ibb.co/ZYJ2S0N https://ibb.co/FBv5v7v https://ibb.co/7X42jSV
  2. I found this video on youtube here in Brazil where a guy uses the Kospet Prime watch. In the video see that the screen EUC WORLD is not all filled, is there a way to solve this?
  3. what is the name of this plug rectangular, for kingsong unicycle https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/conector_alimentacao-jpg
  4. I did not find the function to delete a tour on the Site. Some false rides have been reported to turn on the unicycle for testing. If it is possible to have this option to exclude it is good
  5. I don't appear on the map, I'm from Brazil. My tours are public. What is missing ?
  6. The EUC WORLD web page shows a location of each rider in your country. I still don't appear on the map, why? My EUC app setting in Tour Visibility is Visible to anyone
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