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  1. Just throwing my 2 cents in here. I did the upgrade on my 18XL to 2.0 this evening with the KingSong app on my android and it worked perfectly the first try. My only "suprise" was that the wheel shuts off when the update is done and automatically calibrates when you turn it back on. So, ideally you update and then set the wheel up perfectly level and turn it on, it calibrates automatically, and you're good to go. In my case I was just holding it when I turned it on so it did calibrate but probably not properly so I just had to connect to the app and calibrate again. I set my speed limits and went for a short ride. It feels good. I haven't bothered trying to figure the lights out yet but I'll check that out tomorrow.
  2. I'm brand new to this so I have no other wheels to compare this to but I think what is happening is that your wheel is cutting out briefly when it does those beeps. If it cuts out long enough it falls over but if it cuts out fo short enough time it starts to fall and then catches itself and comes back up to level. Before I fixed it mine would only cut out while not moving but would sometimes fall over and sometimes just twitch for a split second and then catch me. If I leaned it against the wall it would sit there and beep randomly. Since I fixed it it just sits there quiet and solid. Try turning the lift stop off in the app and see if yours stays solid against the wall without "sagging"
  3. The app has 5 levels of alarm, but so far best I can tell the wheel only says please decelerate when you reach the 4th level. With pedal tilt coming next at the 5th level. Do the first three levels do anything?
  4. @Mark Frey the lift switch is apparently a fairly rare but not unknown issue. Jason at ewheels.com has them in stock. It's an easy fix with a couple screwdrivers and 20 minutes time. The newest version uses a micro switch rather that a strain gauge so calibration does nothing btw.
  5. I'm tired of searching so I'm just going to ask. I have my 5 speed sliders set from 18 -24 kph in 2 kph increments. I assumed the wheel would beep more beeps at each of the set points until it tilts back at the highest point. So far I have heard no beeps just "please decelerate" thru the speaker. Is this what it actually does at each of the presets or have I missed beeps. I'm not ready to feel the pedals tilt at speed yet. I'll go down for sure if that happens. I'm only 10 miles in and not very stable. I'd prefer to know what is coming and be ready for it rather than be surprised by a new sound or motion.
  6. So, I installed a new switch on the left side and decided to give it a try before I open up the right side. So far it seems fixed. It's been on fo 20 minutes and no beeps. Hopefully I dont even have to open the other side. Thanks for all the help! Chris P.
  7. I have only used it indoors so far so my issue is not temperature related and the wheel is brand new so it hasn't gotten wet yet either. Turning the lift stop off has fixed the problem for now. I have new switches on the way and will install them as soon as they arrive. My next move will be moving outside to actually ride this thing. Its cold here now too so hopefully the cold will not affect the new switches. we'll see.
  8. I have recalibrated the sensor twice and it does seem to be functioning properly (except for the random cutouts). It shuts off when I lift and reengages when I let go. It wont shut off if I lift while the wheel is moving or if I jiggle the handle or just lift slightly. I will turn the lift sensor function off in the app when I get home this afternoon and see if the problem stops.
  9. Definitely unlocked. Email sent to ewheels.com. I'm sure Jason will respond but I figured I'd ask here while waiting for the west coast to wake up. I'll try later to get a video if needed. I'll also post back here when I get an official answer. CP
  10. I hear what you're saying but I dont think that is it. It happens even if I haven't gotten on the wheel. Just rocking the wheel back and forth slowly by hand and within 5 minutes of turning it on. Yhe temps are still low and the app shows everything normal on the diagnostic page. It is definitely not getting hot or experiencing any heavy load.
  11. I just got this new 18XL. It's my first EUC so I am just trying to learn to balance and roll back and forth next to a wall. My problem is that several times so far as I am standing on the pedals rocking back and forth the wheel beeps twice and stops balancing. I obviously fall off but then pick the wheel up and it resets normally and starts balancing again. The beeps are the same as if I picked it up by the trolley handle so I tried calibrating the trolley but the problem still happens. The other thing that has happened is that it will beep once and just stop balancing for a split second and then catch again. It's done that a couple of times but not as often as the two beeps and completely stopping the balance. It's intermittent so it's hard to tell for sure but it seems that maybe it doesn't happen if I don't turn the app on but that could also just be a coincidence. Any ideas what's going on here? Chris P.
  12. I'm loving the support for my choice here. I spent a lot of time doing research and listened to a lot of people to come to the choice of the 18XL. I'm over 50 and really hate to crash. I very strongly doubt that I will ever feel the need to exceed 25mph but the extra safety margin will give me piece of mind. Unlike riding around at 17-18 on my onewheel knowing that I'm well into pushback and a bump or dip could mean instant nosedive. PS Hopefully Kingsong fixes the app soon. I dont even have a wheel yet but I downloded the app to check it out and now i get the app has stopped notices 20+ times a day.
  13. Thank you! My size does make a difference and "mostly useless" is not at all what I'm looking for. I'm gonna pull the trigger on the 84V 1554Wh 18XL today. If I can learn to ride it without breaking myself, I'm sure it will serve my needs for quite a while.
  14. I am going to buy my first euc. I'm 6'4" 230lb and a OneWheel XR rider. I love the look and specs of the 16X but am concerned about water resistance and the firmware issues I've read about. The V10F sounds like a good deal right now but it's a thinner tire and a smaller battery. The Nikola is big and expensive and I dont love the look. The 18XL has a thinner tire too and is also more expensive. What should I buy? Chris P
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