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  1. If you're handy with a soldering iron you can probably fix it. I'd suspect its a bad solder joint where the microswitch attaches to its little circuit board. Of four switches I have, two looked like this. Once I fixed them my handle has been 100%
  2. I had a very similar issue when my wheel was new. Fortunately it can only cut off when its not moving. The fix was to replace the little micro switches at the bottom of the handle poles. The lift switch function is still a bit flakey in that it will still occasionally not engage or re-engage and requires a power cycle to re-engage the motor. BUT it has never cut out while standing still without touching the handle since I replaced the switches 1000 miles ago.
  3. In the version of gotway app I have, in settings (click the gear in the upper right) you have alarm settings with three choices, first alarm off, second alarm off, or on.
  4. I dont think it lets you set speeds for the alarms. Just turn 1 and 2 on or off and 3 stays on all the time. For me, alarm 1 beeps twice with a full battery at 19mph and slower as the battery is used up. If I turn alarm 1 off I get alarm 2 three beeps at about 22. I assume if I shut alarm 2 off ill get alarm 3 as 5 beeps at some higher speed. Maybe 24 or 25 but I haven't tested that yet. I still have tiltback on and set at 36kph or about 22.3mph so I don't think I'd hit speed alarm 3 without raising or turning off tiltback. I think 🤔
  5. I think I understand this but I'd like some confirmation before I break myself. There are three speed alarms that activate automatically based on the load on the motor. Level 1 is 2 beeps and can be turned off. Level 2 is 3 beeps and can be turned off. Level 3 is ? Beeps and can't be turned off Tilt back can be set at any of the available speeds but if it is set above the 3rd beep speed you may never hit it and might cutoff if you try. Is this correct? Anyone know what the parameters are for the various beeps? And what does the third beep sound like? I've not h
  6. I got creative with an old yoga mat. Looks silly but its pretty well protected and it slides on and off easily when not needed
  7. It does seem pretty tough. My buddy fell off his onewheel yesterday and of course the onewheel shot right into my MTen3. It brought me to an instant stop. The app showed a current spike of 176A and over 12000 watts. There's a big black smudge from his bumper on the white plastic just in front of the pedal, but no cracks! The tinted piece popped off but went right back on.
  8. I've done some searching and I know it's called the "Gotway Dance" but is there anything that can be done to stop it? I'm trying to learn idling and backwards riding on my new MTen3 and every time I have to hop off it, this thing goes full Tasmanian Devel. I tried to grab it a couple times but nearly lost a finger so now I just try to get out of the way and let it do its spins and backflips. But boy is it getting beaten up quickly. Any adjustments or firmware updates or anything that helps? Chris P.
  9. My mom would often ask me "how does it feel to want" she stopped asking after the first time I replied, "It feels pretty good, wanting is just the first part of getting." I say go for it! I'm digging mine!
  10. I am also tall and the angle just seems too much. I took a file to the pedals and dropped them about 4°. They are still steeper than my 18XL but feel much better. Next I may try adding a little extra foam up top too.
  11. I'm im the same boat as you. 6'4", ride an 18XL, and don't like the steep angle of the MTen3 pedal. Mine sit at about 16.5-17 degrees. Do you know what angle you ended up with? I'm planning to take a file to mine today. Chris P.
  12. Mine are a bit uneven but not enough to bother me. Maybe 1 degree steeper on the left. They just seem too steep overall and are putting uncomfortable pressure on my lower legs. Definitely planning to file the pedal only.
  13. Hello all, I just got an MTen3 as a second EUC for short trips and just to play on. My first wheel in a KS-18XL. The pedals on the KS sit almost level, angling up on the outside edge only about 3 degrees. This MTen3 came with ACM pedals and they sit at about 16.5 degrees. Looks and feels very steep to me. I'm wondering if the stock MTen3 pedals sit at such a steep angle. Can anyone verify the stock angle? Any reason not to take a file to these and drop them down a few degrees? Thanks Chris P.
  14. Be aware that if you hit the power button to try to turn off that red light while charging with firmware 2.0 your wheel will turn on and the motor will spin as soon as the charge cycle is finished or the charger is unplugged. Hopefully the next firmware update will fix this safety issue.
  15. What seems to be happening is by touching the power button to change headlight modes the wheel goes from whatever sleeping, powered on mode it's in while charging to fully on but acting as if the lift handle is lifted so the motor won't spin. Once the charger is done or unplugged it acts as if the handle was released and the motor will spin the wheel. The lesson here seems to be do not touch the power button while the wheel is charging.
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