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  1. Thank for the responses guys! I'll probably just live with the old firmware and have fun even with the 18 kph beeping
  2. Hi, I just got an IPS i5. I know it's an underpowered and old wheel, but still really fun Unfortunately I have the 5.0.7 firmware which means that the beep starts at 18 km/h and tiltback at 20 km/h. I know that the newer firmware has the beep around 20 km/h, and just 2 km/h more would be really nice! I got the Android app from iamips.com, but I can't update the firmware (does not connect to server). Anybody know of a solution? Is it possible to get the firmware "file" and update manually? I know this is not the most popular wheel, but any help would be really appreciated
  3. I did what Marty suggested, charged the wheel to 90% and disconnected the wires to the battery. Quick and easy to do, took me maybe 5-10 minutes. Hopefully the wheel is not completely dead before I'm able to get back to Spain Thanks for your help!
  4. Thank you so much for your tip. I will try that!
  5. Hi, I'm wondering if anybody have any tips for storing the Ninebot Z10 for a long time, regarding the battery drain, and how long you can store it without charging? Should I charge it to 100% before I store it or is this also bad for the battery? I have heard somewhere that there is about 1% battery drain per day, anyway to mitigate it? The reason I'm asking is that because of the corona virus I might have to leave Spain to go back to my home country, and I have no idea how many months it would be before I'm able to come back. Cheers!
  6. Hola! I'm sorry I dont speak Spanish yet, but I'm learning! I have been staying in Alicante for a couple of weeks and just got a Ninebot Z10. Do anybody know if there are any forums/facebook groups for EUC in Spain/Alicante? Or, if someone here is in Alicante or know someone, let me know. It could be really nice to meet up Cheers!
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