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  1. At a minimum, you need to put digital values at the ends of each scale, except for the percentage of charge, since it is clear that this is 100%.
  2. Yes indeed. In portrait screen orientation, I can see that it is miles per hour. But in landscape orientation, units are not specified.
  3. I have activated the item in General settings: Speed and distance in miles. Can I be sure that the three speed values are also in miles per hour in the alarm settings? Or is this speed still in kilometers per hour? The units are not indicated there.
  4. I still can't intuitively understand what priority in warnings means. In the first-second-third beep of the wheel, everything is clear. The first is the lowest warning speed, the second is a little more speed, and the third is even higher speed. What does high priority mean? Is it the fastest or the smallest? High priority triggered sooner or later? When you enter the plane, everything is clear, priority entrance means that you enter first, out of turn. Here, in the alert settings, I don't understand anything.
  5. Today I started the tour, then opened Google Maps and drove according to the instructions of its navigator. Opening EucWorld, I found it disconnected, but immediately connected again. Scrolling to the right on the tour window, I see that the tour is not being recorded and the round button with a triangle is activated. When pressed, I am prompted to start the tour again. That is, it is not proposed to continue the tour. After some time, this situation was repeated. As a result, I recorded three tours in one trip. I suggest adding a button for forced continuation of the tour or a choice between Open a new tour and Continue tour. https://euc.world/tour/591488028937307 https://euc.world/tour/591488830461185 https://euc.world/tour/591489475033284 This is the real route: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Minninglow+Car+Park+-+Peak+District+NP/53.065146,-1.6444968/53.0465126,-1.6276639/53.0499011,-1.6223628/53.050761,-1.6237126/53.0550289,-1.6221113/53.0641381,-1.6217469/53.0757501,-1.6090316/53.0732611,-1.6295313/53.120226,-1.7091786/@53.0815177,-1.7072978,12321m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m17!4m16!1m5!1m1!1s0x487a26acb1663659:0x9a4493e50633d5b4!2m2!1d-1.710837!2d53.1202475!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!3e1!5m1!1e3
  6. Closing the Euc World app got worse. Previously, without looking, I double-clicked on the phone's "Back" button. Now I need to confirm the action and aim at a specific button. Now a second click on "Back" does not have any effect until you click on one of the three buttons in the confirmation pop-up window.
  7. It doesn't work anymore. My last log was on July 30th. After that, I got 10 tours on the site, but there is not a single log for these 10 tours. Upd: To be honest, I did not write down the logs on purpose, I recorded the tours on the last page of the application. Until July 30, a log was recorded. After July 30, logs are not recorded, unless you additionally click on the log icon in the upper bar of the application. I have never clicked on this icon. Upd: You can also read Seba's post on July 5th on page 70 of this thread.
  8. You could satisfy your need by purchasing a small smartphone. For example Unihertz Atom 4G, LEMFO LEM4 Pro.
  9. I would like the wheel beeps to be transmitted via the bluetooth of the phone to speakers or headphones.
  10. In the new versions of the controller for MSX 84V, the two lower LEDs in front and behind are constantly lit. There is no regime in which they would not shine. The new version of EucWorld 2.0.3 did not fix this. Now using the application you can switch between three modes. Mode 0 - the two lower LEDs are on. Mode 1 - all LEDs are on. Mode 2 - all LEDs are blinking. All other modes - the two lower LEDs are on. The old controller seems to have two different LED blinking modes and it had mode when all LEDs turned off.
  11. Yes. But I turn it off at the end of the trip. I even tried opening the euс.world website on my phone. Completely empty in the logs section.
  12. Now checked again. Internet is on the phone. The laptop is fine too. When I open the Logs on the euc.world site, it is empty. No old logs, nothing.
  13. Today there was overheating to 85 degrees when climbing uphill. I wanted to make a tour of the logs, but all the logs on the site disappeared and the new one did not load. I also noticed that when the application was opened, a red display appeared with a premium offer, although I have had it since about April 20 this year.
  14. I don’t know if this is possible. When we install a new application, we usually give permissions. Perhaps you could have these items automatically configured when the application is updated.
  15. Buy OTG cable, insert a USB flash drive or an external drive into it and move your files from the phone to another location. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-USB-2-0-Type-A-Female-To-USB-Type-C-Male-OTG-Data-Adapter/392805081417?hash=item5b7501e149:g:kZwAAOSwO5BeiOKX https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Micro-USB-to-Female-USB-OTG-On-the-Go-Cable-Adapter-For-HTC-One-M8-M7-One-M9/143309510196?hash=item215de99634:g:1JEAAOSw~gRVth4J
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