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  1. When I tap on Custom Horn Sound ... in the Gauge Settings, the application closes spontaneously. OnePlus 3T (A3003), android 9, Msuper X. I do not need this setting yet. I just found a bug.
  2. All logs were recorded. I wanted to say that some people might be like to see only speed, because in the other logs they do not understand anything.
  3. I used to use WheelLog, but on the second day I turned off the logs, because I did not understand and now I do not understand how to interpret these logs. In your logs in a live map, speed indications are interesting to me, but the rest of the logs could not be recorded. Perhaps the user’s choice of logs could reduce internet traffic.
  4. You can use the Lemfo Lem4 watch right now. You can just install the application from Google Play. 2.2-inch screen, 1200 mAh battery. But even better is the small smartphone Unihertz Atom with Armband https://www.unihertz.com/shop
  5. I did not understand your joke about the airline. But I use only one of them.
  6. I understand that before the trip I put in the settings: Visible to me. When I come home I change the settings to Visible to anyone. Someday I will forget to change the settings and the police will catch me at the request of local people. Half a year ago, in Leeds, the police had already confiscated one euc after complaints from neighbors.
  7. We don't run down battery to 0%. Better to have button 20%.
  8. I think to stop tracking the route, because in England it threatens me with confiscation of euc and 6 points in the driver’s license.
  9. About the Tour tracking settings. In some countries, the euc is illegal. Therefore, we need a tuning item: the delay in the appearance of the route on the map: 0 (appears online), 30 m, 1 h, 5 h. Because the police can easily catch a rider.
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