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  1. you mean the average battery discharge (voltage). But since discrete values are measured in increments (I guess) of 0.1 seconds, it will be useless anyway. It may be necessary to calculate the average over an interval of 1 second, maybe 2 seconds.
  2. I ordered a tubeless tire similar to the Z10 tire. https://www.oponeo.co.uk/moto-tyre-details/bridgestone-sc1-70-90-14-34-p-front-tl#283690622 There is an interesting and useful technique for us to simplify mounting and centering tires on the rim.
  3. Could it be that you left the phone at home or did not connect the phone with the wheel? It is possible that your voice message icon is not painted over, as in screenshot at the top of this page. Tap on it.
  4. You said that euc will not work. But you did not say why it would not work. I don’t know what happens to the euc when an aliexpress sells it and sends it to the United States. Aliexpress does not open the box. Why will the euc not work if the euc does not have its own mobile Internet? After all, the American’s phone is cheating on a Chinese server using VPN from China. How does the Chinese server know that the wheel flew out of China?
  5. You want to say that a Chinese man from China, having GotWay for China, who has installed the Euc World application from the apk file on his phone, will not be able to use this application?
  6. I used to use "Opera browser with free VPN" to update my phone. For some regions, the update came out earlier. Maybe you can also use this trick?
  7. AdBlock Plus blocks Heatmap. I just whitelisted the entire website to AdBlock.
  8. But this is a real smartphone with android 8.1, even with NFC. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KP8J8YN And there is a simpler model, but half the price. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0752BYRHM
  9. You want a watch because it is small. I advise you to buy a small smartphone complete with its mount on your hand. https://www.unihertz.com/shop You can duplicate on it all the applications installed on a large smartphone. I also think that I do not need a watch (simply because I am not an athlete and do not want to pay for functions that are not necessary to me).
  10. Have you canceled the optimization of this application in the battery settings?
  11. And I'm talking about instant information from the application during the trip or immediately after it. Without opening the Internet site in your phone or computer and without conducting research and comparisons.
  12. I guess that you did not swipe up on the first screen and do not know that there is also an almost identical screen for GPS speed.
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