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  1. @Arbolest how are you? after some back and forth, I got a motherboard of msx 84v, and apparently received the new style msp format, I found some photos that you uploaded in the comparison of the new and old msx motherboard, I will try to adapt it to my v3 s +, any advice? @andres firpo (Instagram)
  2. Thanks!! 💪💪💪
  3. Hi guys, I need your help, does anyone have or know who may have an improved Msuper v3 s + board, or one of the latest ones? I appreciate any help you can give me, thanks.
  4. Hola Seba! estás en Mdeo? me gustaría juntar a los wheelers de aqui y empezar a movernos, adquiri hace algunos meses un Gotway msuper, @windowsplit en insta, un abrazo!
  5. Hola Horacio, soy de Uruguay también, estás aun utilizando tu rueda? podriamos entrar en contacto, estoy tratando de unir a los pocos que somos aqui rodando, @windowsplit en insta, un abrazo!
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