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  1. YES oh man I'm so excited! Tell us what you think about the LED cut-outs - There are 100+ holes in the cover shown here. The challenge we have is finding the balance between showing off your LED and maintaining the integrity of what is a protective cover. We are thinking the cover would be a bit more robust if we were to reduce the number of holes a little - So would you all prefer a few less LED holes (possibly increasing the robustness) or leave it as it is (because you need to light up the world)? Answer: Preferably, I'd like to have the one without the cutout holes more, but if consumers want holes to show the lights, fewer holes but reinforced with stitching for better integrity, I want it built like a tank, durability is #1 in my book when looking for a bodyguard. This Bodyguard has had a zipper added to facilitate the use of the scorpion trolley handle, but this does add a bit to the cost of the Bodyguard. Would riders be interested in having the choice of "with zip" (and trolley handle access) or "without zip" (meaning you can't use the trolley with the cover fitted)? This is to see if anyone out there doesn't use their trolley and would be happy to save a few dollars. Answer: An option would be cool, but preferably having a zipper as a standard I think would be a best fit I tend to use the handle often. Follow Up Questions: -What type of zipper & size will be added? (e.g. #10 heavy duty, ykk, plastic with size #8, Ziplon, etc.) -How much would be the additional cost? (temp quote would be cool if possible if not that's ok ) And what about the colours... is there a preference for the solid black side, or the multi-colour version? Or would people prefer a reversed colour-scheme (like the 16X) either with a solid or multi-colour side? Answer: Solid Black for sure is my choice, I love the solid black option! If there is a multi-color version, I would advise to reverse the color scheme, the middle portion would look better as the highlight color. Summary /TL;DR : what would make me purchase one?: Solid black, No holes, durable zipper for the handle. Hope the Feedback Helps!
  2. Hey All, Just out of curiosity has anyone replaced the rubber on the Gotway Nikola? If so how did you do it? Has anyone swapped for other foot plates for others that have grip tape? If so, how did you like the switch? Thanks in advance!!
  3. no keep going the more the better XD I i'm completely new to the town and new to riding so this is great!
  4. Thanks for the tips @chrisjunlee got any favorite riding spots around the area? @Matt Sol I loved the 520 stretch i'll have to try out the Burke Gilman trail!
  5. Hey EUC fam, I'm new to this community and was wondering if there are any grassy / football fields to practice riding in Capitol Hill or places in Seattle people would advise to try out and ride. i'm just learning turns for now and am looking for a hill i can practice on since Seattle is hilly. Going up and down cherry street is pretty intense on my Onewheel downtown, it took me a month to conquer that but would love to do that on my Nikola. p.s. also looking for smoother paths to downtown Seattle from Cap Hill. Thanks in advance! -chobot
  6. IMHO, the speaker on the wheel is lacking bass on the nikola and sounds tin like and the mids could use some improvement but none the less it's a speaker on a wheel! so a mod would be nice! @Alessandro Bandin
  7. Sweet, thanks for the tip, I kind of went with a jbl flip 4 with this case: https://www.amazon.com/Protective-Waterproof-Portable-Bluetooth-Carrying/dp/B07XCNLJMZ/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=jbl+flip+4+case&qid=1580713789&s=electronics&sr=1-8 & used these straps to hold it in place on my backpack: https://www.amazon.com/Lekou-Adjustable-Cable-Multipurpose-Management-Black/dp/B07CZGQNY3/ref=sr_1_26?keywords=velcro+straps&qid=1580713819&s=electronics&sr=1-26 it works well!
  8. @Patton250 yeah sorry for the late reply but @foxtrotgolf is correct!
  9. @chrisjunlee top 2 sealants i go to are Armor-Dillo & caffelatex sealant. FWIW:
  10. I'm a beginner at vinyl wrapping but it does the trick to protect the plastic sides but not bad. @Jimmy Chang I remember commenting on one of your videos about the motor pads and the vinyl wrap figured I'd tag you here so you can see it!
  11. oh man, where did you get your punisher sticker? I love it!, i was looking to deck out my Nikola after they peel
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