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  1. Thanks!!! I bought M/L and it’s fine. I have long shape head so I imagine that this is the reason of my size.
  2. I have ordered one in ML size. After reading a lot, is one of the best options!!!
  3. Thanks. And what about the size? I’ve 59cm head and hesitate if pick M/L or XL/XXL.
  4. Hi, After thinking about buying a helmet, specially MET Parachute, I have read about other helmets (best in performance) like TLD Stage and Fox Proframe. I'm a bit confused with the choice. What are your experiences with both? I know that first is lighter than second, but what do you think about other parameters? Any trusted store to buy one of them? Thanks!
  5. Mmm interesting, and what about the size of the helmet? I have read that is a bit bigger than others.
  6. Thanks for the answer. I have a big oval head too 😂😂 so it will be perfect for me.
  7. I want to buy one helmet. I was thinking in MET Parachute not the last version (which may be partially unmounted). Someone has one of them or may say something? thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for answers. I want it to move from my home to my job and even a bit further (2/3 km). I have limitation of money but my top is above 600€. I am a bit afraid of the speed because of the posts. If I buy it, I’ll buy protection things to avoid or reduce scratches.
  9. Mmm I’m almost convinced to buy the v8 😂😂 but any element to buy in addition? The cover is to protect when it is at home? Thanks a lot.
  10. Hello everyone: I’m new and i’m thinking about buying my first EUC. My decission is between V5F and V8. I have to say that i’m tall and skinny, and the use would be for short distances (4-8 km). I have read other posts about the decission and the features of two, but I can’t decide. Things like quality of plastic or pedals in v8 worries me, but it has good things like motor or size (16). In additon, i wanted to know which elements are refommendable to buy. Thanks a lot!!
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