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  1. My headlight looks to the left now since a crash. I'd get in there to fix it, but my left pedal is still stuck on, killing access to half the euc, including the headlight cavity. This armor would have prevented this. Seeing the ditch would've prevented it too, but the armor is cooler-looking.
  2. They must be inside the box, testing.
  3. Old Nike missile launch site in the Santa Monica Mountains, now San Vicente Park.
  4. That's fairly glossy concrete, fwiw.
  5. Love the Paul Simon mashup @ 4:45
  6. Wheel-struck lovers (nuclear escape tunnel ride)
  7. FWIW Mine's (84v 1600wh) in the cavernous upper stern, all isolated (alone, not shielded) and smug. No behavior like what's described here. Purchased last week from eWheels.
  8. I'm changing pedals on my MSX, but one of the hex end-screws is locked in place. I've tried using an impact driver, but it still won't budge. Is there anything non-mechanical I can use (besides gallium) to help loosen it?
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