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  1. I certainly will. I love getting away from the downtown core (work downtown and live in Scarborough). Will get in touch as soon as the foot is ready for some reasonable stress.
  2. Just testing the imgur link... Beach riding in Magdalen Islands, Québec, Canada
  3. I will ride again soon, probably around Christmas, if the roads are dry, after I heal from a very inconvenient broken foot.
  4. Downtown Toronto has quite a few euc riders, as well as OneWheels and e-sk8s. There is a small club on Facebook (Toronto E-Riders, 265 members) organizing weekly or monthly rides. I have yet to join. The city has a decent, constantly evolving, bicycle path network. I personally rarely see electric unicycles, but every time my heart races; it is still so unusual! A couple of months ago I saw a guy dressed up like a Transformer or Robocop (very futuristic-looking) delivering food (Foodora or Uber Eats?) swooshing by on his MSX. On my way home, a young guy was riding his Solowheel/InMotion V8/Glide 3 in the bike lane, probably commuting to/from school. Another day, in the suburbs, on a separated sidewalk (meaning there is grass between the road and the path) I saw a rider with a big backpack heading towards the commercial area (probably going shopping). Only saw 2 Segway riders over the last few months (beside the Segway tours operator based in the Distillery District (East of the downtown core)). Segways should be more popular with all the filmmaking being done here, but I guess, unless you are carrying a big camera, the cool factor is almost gone. Came back from a vacation in the slightly more isolated Canadian Maritimes (New Brunswick, Prince Edward’s Island, Magdalen Islands) and the feeling I got from the people staring at me riding the King Song was exquisite! I was from the future or an Alien with impossible advanced technology. They certainly are not exposed to frequent UFO sightings! There is something very cool about unicycles. For most people, that magical balancing act truly is fascinating.
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