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  1. I am interested how much are you wanting ? How muhbto ship to terrey hills Australia 2084?
  2. Hi I would like to buy no1 if still available? How much shipping costs to terrey Hills,nsw, Australia 2084? cheers from Bec
  3. Am interested how much for the lot ? how much shipping to Australia?
  4. Limited budget wanting one which works well not worried about a few scratches etc... low price but still in good working condition! Aus $ cheers from Bec
  5. Anyone selling their used Electric Unicycle & live in Australia?? I am wtb a used/secondhand electric unicycle as cheap as possible from someone who lives in Australia saving on expensive shipping costs... I haven’t tried the sport yet but I’m wanting to buy a beginner wheel. It doesn’t need to be a new one as I support the recycling and reusing of items rather than being so disposable & wasteful. If you have recently upgraded and want to sell your old one I’m super keen to buy one!! Send me a photo with description & price please? show me what you have & $$how much you’re selling it for... thanks in advance, from Bec
  6. How much plus shipping to Sydney Australia? Cheers from Bec
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