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  1. i ask, on endless also, but somethink strange happend, its somehow fixed, i see tommorow, till now its on 61v and seems working
  2. ACS is not controller itself but its like microchip inside of controller that sense current and i think also can be responsibility for starting turning wheel. i want ask him but i cant send him PM i got info that i can send 0 pm
  3. ok, so i explain, i have custom bms where i can set all parameters i want, so my 15s pack when its full charged it have 61.5v so 4.1v per cell to extend life of 18650. this controller have 63v caps inside, and its work nice with 60-61v, and it still works, but somehow can not start, when i turn wheel backwards and then add throttle all works, so its something that cant start, its sinewave controller, and it have soft start, and i think they same type on controllers are used in unicycle. i see post of guy called esaj that wrote interesting think about acs component ACS hall based current sensors and i think maybe its good spot
  4. hello, since its unicycle forum, and i have bicycle, but everythink is the same, how motor work, how controller work ect. so... i have bicycle with KT controller sine wave. i damaged two kt controllers, one 48v 22A and one 48v 45A 18fet. i build battery pack 15s, with max voltage of 61.5v. Since i use this pack with cheap no name china controller and work great, but i want switch to sine wave, and i upgraded motor. so i have 15s with max 61.5V, caps inside both controller are 63v. first controller worked for 30km, i connect it to battery when i have about 57v, then i charge baterry and after full charge (61,5V) controller is damaged, so i think it happens, and i buy new one with more fet (18fet) and do the same, i make about 50km with about 60-61V, everything was ok till i charge battery to 61.5V RIght now i have two controllers both damaged the same. it power up, communicate with lcd, everything seems working, but when you press throttle nothing happend, is show no error, but wheel dont spin. But when you lift wheel and turn it backward, and it still turning slowly back and then press throttle everything work, it speeds up to max speed, when i press brake and give dummy load, it take 30A i can add and back throttle and its slows and speed , but if they motor slows too much, again i cant do nothing. when i stop and turn wheel again backwards and press throttle again it works. btw battery is still 61V.for sure motor is 100% works since i connect no name controller and it works flawless. what can be damaged ? iits looks like it dont wanna start, like missing one phase, or maybe controller dont see hall? but when i disconnect cable i get error about sensor position fault. maybe is some transistor fault or acs712?
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