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  1. I uninstalled Darknessbot app. I reinstalled it and I got it to change the speed limit, now I can set it to 31 mph. Also, make sure you don't have the KS app open or running in the background.
  2. Greentung, thanks for the review of the TSG Pass Pro Carbon, especially the size. I heard the carbon runs smaller, since I was at the upper limit of the medium (58cm) I went with the large. I just ordered the same color you got.
  3. I updated my KS18 FW on DarknessBot to 2.0 and now my speed only allows up to 24mph in the DarknessBot app. I tried to change to speed settings in the KS App but the App won’t let me unlock the speed. It keeps asks for my app password to get into speed settings but my password won’t work and the app won’t let me reset my password. Keeps telling me my phone number format is incorrect. How do revert back to earlier FW if I used DarknessBot to update it to 2.0? Just want to be able to get into speed settings.
  4. Has anyone made Power Pads for Kingsong units? Looking for something like EUC Guy made for the Monster and MXS for my 18XL
  5. I'm pretty sure its the noise. I usually ride on a path through a wooded area and heard dogs start barking even though (or I think they don't) see me. In other cases I've come up behind a dog walker and the dog instantly turns around and starts going nuts...poor owners. Whatever it is, all dogs I've encountered act the same, go a little crazy. It's like a dog whistle. Maybe they are jealous and want an EUC for themselves Let's see if the more silent wheel sets them off.
  6. That's great news, I was hoping for a silent motor. Any other noticeable upgrades on the outside? Magnetic pedals maybe (like the new KS16X) or is it the same? Thanks!
  7. Any info/reviews on the KS18XL with the upgraded 2200W motor. I just ordered one and was told it had the new 2200W motor, first I've heard of it and hope it's as reliable as the 2000W. Thanks!
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