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  1. I'm pretty sure its the noise. I usually ride on a path through a wooded area and heard dogs start barking even though (or I think they don't) see me. In other cases I've come up behind a dog walker and the dog instantly turns around and starts going nuts...poor owners. Whatever it is, all dogs I've encountered act the same, go a little crazy. It's like a dog whistle. Maybe they are jealous and want an EUC for themselves Let's see if the more silent wheel sets them off.
  2. That's great news, I was hoping for a silent motor. Any other noticeable upgrades on the outside? Magnetic pedals maybe (like the new KS16X) or is it the same? Thanks!
  3. Any info/reviews on the KS18XL with the upgraded 2200W motor. I just ordered one and was told it had the new 2200W motor, first I've heard of it and hope it's as reliable as the 2000W. Thanks!
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