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  1. i tried the 1rads 5A fast charger and the basic KS 1,5A charger and so far so good... only if its +5A you hear annoying beeping.. but I haven't tried to charge it to 100%
  2. So I used fast charger and normal charger, and FW 1.05 is with beeping too... sad day
  3. I'm using FW 1.05 because so far i had zero cut offs, i was able to go up to everyhill so far without any issues, i was able to ride in speed which was okay for me without any beeping, even if I had less than 50% or 30%. So I decided to not upgrade. I just bought the 1rad fast charger (80, 90, 100% and 1-5A) and no beeping, all good... Only issue I had was in the EUC World I had something like: 1. first charging was from 50% to 100% (84,5V) while set to 80% 1A - no stopping even when set to 80%. 2. second charging was from 30% to 87% (81,2V app and 80,9 V charger) while set to 80% 2A. This time it stopped charging on its own. - again it was set to max 80%.
  4. i feel like the suspension is the most interesting thing on the new wheel... faster, moer range, etc - its the same... but this small thing is one more thing that can actually make it very amazing
  5. Well... KS16x has sometihng like 23kg? Its heavy as hell, but it is still possible to move it upstairs and downstairs to 2nd floor everyday... my own experience... so i wonder... would 30kg wheel change my mind to say enough is enough? The thing is, since I own the wheel (just few months), i used my wheel from 100% to 30% only once... but i do play one summer trip for 150-200km
  6. I went from one pub home, and when i left the pub, some tourist smoker said to other tourist: welcome to the 21st century and they both laughed. I smiled.
  7. Sorry for my reaction. I just agree so much I have nothing to say.
  8. straightening the knees work for me too, but its ks16x, so different tire size than inmotion or 18xl
  9. I see you are from London, so pardon my english. I hope you will understand the point i want to make. I'm heavy rider 110kg clothes included, and no cut offs so far (knock knock). But it's probably because i have read here, thats its just not 50km/h vehicle, but rather 45km/h. And that means, atleast for me, when im getting to 40km/h, i don't accelerate by huge pressure, but just very slowly and carefully. Taking physics to this matter, what if your battery has XY voltage ready, but you push the wheel too much(easier for heavy riders), so the motor asks for lot more energy, but the battery just cant give anymore, as the voltage is low. Maybe someone can confirm.
  10. Thanks to both of you. I agree, so far so good, no issues at all, no cutoffs, but I have some alarms set and when im riding 45km (3rd alarm), I usualy make sure i'm not too hard on the wheel at that speed, or I slow down, depends on situation
  11. Is this S/N good version or old version of the EUC? KS16X2B190810G023 2B means second series to my knowledge. I had to update the fw from 1.05 to 1.07
  12. Even if the real range wasnt 250km, but real was 200km, that would be awesome. I plan 300km trip in summer and I feel it might take some planning for recharging and sleeping.
  13. So we can remind the wheel it can became roomba, if it will be cuttoffing us all the time. J/k, I donť know, sorry mate.
  14. Great. Thanks for the awesome read.
  15. I'm afraid even few °C difference, or if you drank 0,5liter of water can make some difference in the 10km ride. Ofcourse it wont be 10% difference, but it might be 0,5% difference in total range. I am afraid you are never able to repeat absolutly same two rides
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