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  1. "KingsongSongMusic" Yeah, I think this will do it. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I need my phone navigation to use the speakers in the EUC, so instead of not hearing it in my pocket, i will hear it from the wheel speaker. So far no luck.
  3. Thanks. And in summer? Does the range get better? and by what amount
  4. Thanks. What the "really real" range you can have on KS16-X? I'm 110kg including all clothes and safety. I started at around 85% battery capacity for my longest trip, and ended at my home with around 30% capacity, riding at max possible speed (45km/h - 28mph). Route was around 32km (19,8miles) took 55% of capacity? Winter, around 5ˇC (41F). Here is link for the route. Not possible to use google maps as it's more difficult to pinpoint the route, sorry. https://mapy.cz/zakladni?planovani-trasy&x=14.4192713&y=50.1510590&z=12&dim=5e25b5fefd0bcb232ab19274 Elevation: 161m up, 163m down, 32km range. At around 40% of battery capacity max speed was very reduced, i guess to around 30kmn/h and then even less.
  5. you know what? Thats actually quite sweet news.
  6. If I have set the 1st and 2nd alarm to 0km/h and and third alarm to 47km/h, with tiltback to 49km/h and after some riding the battery status is 50% and less, which means the wheel will be slower, is the 3rd alarm going to be lowered too so it keeps up with the battery charge status?
  7. Hi chrisjunlee; I just noticed I have only the stock charger, which is 1.5A, and it seems when I return from work and would like to go out for a ride, i still have to wait 1-3h to charge it from 50% to 100%. Then I return from the ride with 50-70% and let it warm up to home tempature, but thats late night and im going to bed. As I dont want to charge it overnight without my watch, I return the next day from work and again I have to wait 1-3h to charge it from previous day to 100%. I want to keep maximum lifetime of my batteries, so I don't want to fast charge, as it creates heat and heat kills batteries (or maximum charging cycles). So My idea was - allright, when I need to charge the battery just little faster, can I use 2x slow charget 1.5A instead of buying the 5.0 A rapid charger, or 2x rapid chargers (10 A) ? I feel like going this way, i can use only one 1.5A so the batteries charge slowly and I keep maximum lifetime of the batteries, or when needed, I will use 2x 1.5A and safe few minutes/hours, yet it's not "too much" Thanks
  8. it was GPS issue. Just fixed it and updated fw. Im fully charging it so i can unlock max speed today. Thanks for the help.
  9. What tire presure (kPa or PSI) would you recommend to winter days and 110kg rider clothing and helmet included in the weight? Also... I have issues with connecting the ks16x with my bluetooth and kingsong app. The wheel is beeping a lot if it's moving (by hand, so far no luck with turning it on for the gyrostabilizers to start working, or connecting it with the app)
  10. Hi, I would like to open new interesting discussion about energy consumption of this wheel. I fully understand there are many factors which will move the numbers, like weight of the rider, his height, if there is wind directly moving towards the driver, if the battery is fully charged, if the tempeture is this or that, if the tire pressure is XY, if the rider is driving constant speed, or slowing/speeding too much, if the driver is riding on asphalp or grass, if its winter or summer and probably milion other aspects. This is why im putting the [Might be difficult] here. Teslas, e-trons, aston martins can have 15-30 kW/km, so I wonder, if the EUC is better or not. Lets suppose this situation, the drivers is me, 110 kg (around 240pounds) fully geared, 2meters height, it's winter around 10° C (50 F), the tire pressure is, i dont know the limits now, lets say just few 40kPa (thats around 5.8 psi) below the maximum, I'm driving around 35 km/h (21,7 mph), no huge mountains, little hilly area, but mostly flat (i understand this might be very difficult as it might be huge factor), no winds, or very small ones. Let's be theoretical, every calculations must be with took with some grain of salt. Tanks Dd
  11. How difficult is to get on the KS16X? Im riding V5F and getting on the V5F is no issue for me so far. But I wonder if i will instantly notice how the wheel agile speed up, which could feel differently and dangerously for the few first times.
  12. How do you calibrate? Is there any button in the app? (I have Inmotion V5F)
  13. Thanks a lot! I bet im not going to regret it, upgrading to top tier model from V5F.
  14. First pages of 16x Issues Thread, lot of youtube reviews, important: 16x Riders, Please upgrade from v1.05 to v1.07! etc. many more. The thing is, most of them might be seen as outdated, because it was first batches and in first months. That's why I'm asking. I made order yesterday. I just want to be sure. Thanks sounds OK. I don't think its clever to ride fast all the time, more when the battery is getting less and less Voltage. I don't drive in rain, but if it happens during the ride, I would prefer to be OK. Thanks for replies.
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