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  1. No Jason is really good..but I think he is overburdened. Perhaps I made a mistake and the Lenovo style connector is listed somewhere but I didn't see it. I didn't want to have to write an email so am trying to get an answer on the forum. But yea am really enthused about the 16X . I assume there is some other style rectangular (lenovo) port for charging . I assume it also comes with a standard kingsong charger but is not the 80 percent efficient ewheels charger that is also used for Gotways. Like whatever..we all can roughly know the specks anyway. Is not that important. But yea ..I need that lenovo adapter obviously and this link https://www.ewheels.com/product/ewheels-84-2v-rapid-chargers/ shows the adaptor . It doesn't mention the 16x .. just 18L/XL but I assume is same. There is no link to get the rectangular yellow lenovo adapter . I already have the GW Standard GX16-4 pin connector/84v. I use it for my mcm5. I have a 64v for my ks16s and dualtron ultra. I have the 100 v also for my msx. I have never heard of this Lenovo rectangular yellow adapter. There is no link to get it . Can you send it with my 16x on last week in November when shipment arrives? Thanks so much. Your the best.
  2. Ok sorry for so many posts but on Jasons ewheels site it says on the one page listing of many types esc's ... 16x has 2000w motor and then when click on the 16x for details, it then states it has a 2200. That was a bit confusing but I always have read early on it was 2200
  3. Hi was wondering if can also upgrade this to the 16x . I did order a 16x and is on backorder.
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