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  1. Hi will give you 250 plus shipping. I wrote you a message. I did get one 18a in San Francisco a month or so ago on this forum and can use the parts.
  2. I just got the link from Jason and it is a android phone type App and wait a second I have it in my email... here is the process for installing the new firmware after installing the new motor: You need to download & install this Engineers App (link below) When it prompts you to login, please use username=eWheelsLLC password=[removed] Change the orientation of the screen to landscape mode Pr
  3. Not sure what the signs of the “reset routine” are. The trollying was the cause and lift sensors involved somehow. I thought the lift sensors were a new thing this year but this was July 2018 this is not related to the slow tipping forward while idling ? Or the odd lift sensors? Ok well I should first read the entire esaj thread. Is 33 pages long
  4. Thanks Jason for that info I had not known about and is very interesting but I see it is from 2018 July time period. Am hoping my 18xl witch was bought in March 2019 from ewheels is not effected with that bizarre type issue. I was just going to email you to see if I can get some replacement trolly lift cutoff switches that are the upgraded kind. I did just buy this wheel around thanksgiving from euc forum used wheels page and Andrew had you ship label it actually from saint Lewis Mo. Is a good wheel though
  5. Ok think you misunderstood because I had the trolly handle lift switch “on”in the app and it should kill the motor when lifted but had the defective lift switch so didn’t work on that one occasion. A bit later was again working. If I had it switched off in the app it obviously wouldn’t be working either. The wheel was stationary though when I lifted it but faulty lift switch sensor didn’t allow cutoff. The lift switch when working correctly disengages anyway and becomes inactive once the wheel begins to roll so that is the insurance it will never cut out. If you reach down and try
  6. Ok. Nice. I have seen this issue mentioned a few times now studying some 18xl threads. I see one guy was waiting at a red light and claimed it cut out. That thread was about some guy did a aggressive acceleration at 25 mph racing a car and face planted. Am learning. Not sure though why the wheel when resting at a 15 degree angle against a wall slowly dips forward about 5 degrees and remains that way, then levels out again when I move it Upright slightly as if is awakened. It is obviously normal although don’t recall my other wheels doing that. I can feel it buzzing
  7. One other thing this wheel does that none of my other wheels do is when I turn it on I can hear the speaker make a sound like static at the very moment it turns on. I also hear a high pitch noise coming out of the radio speakers I have in my room. The radio is actually on but the volume is turned way down to almost nothing. At first I thought it was the unicycle but it wasn’t. When I move the euc to another room the high pitch constant wine is not coming out of the radio speakers anymore. I can still faintly hear it when wheel is somewhat away. It could be the Bluetooth thing but I removed my
  8. Mine also has the exact symptoms although when riding it have never experienced the two quick beeps with the quick cut off and back on. Only when stationary ...It comes at random. once sitting on it stationary it dipped and then realigned. I see it shake when leaning against something. I have seen it beep when laying on its side a few times. Just today I was standing on it talking to my brother and it did it again. It falls about halfway down in the time the two beeps come. And then recalibrated back upright. I bought it used but is still under warranty from ewheels. Was wondering how many c
  9. Is it possible to ship to Calif 95470 for same price of 1600 . I have paypal.
  10. I will pick it up tomorrow at noon. Is more economical to drive small car. Thanks Mark
  11. Hi will you ship it to 95470 zip Redwood Valley? How many miles ? Do you accept Paypal? What would be shipping cost? Thanks Mark
  12. No Jason is really good..but I think he is overburdened. Perhaps I made a mistake and the Lenovo style connector is listed somewhere but I didn't see it. I didn't want to have to write an email so am trying to get an answer on the forum. But yea am really enthused about the 16X . I assume there is some other style rectangular (lenovo) port for charging . I assume it also comes with a standard kingsong charger but is not the 80 percent efficient ewheels charger that is also used for Gotways. Like whatever..we all can roughly know the specks anyway. Is not that important. But yea ..I
  13. Ok sorry for so many posts but on Jasons ewheels site it says on the one page listing of many types esc's ... 16x has 2000w motor and then when click on the 16x for details, it then states it has a 2200. That was a bit confusing but I always have read early on it was 2200
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