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  1. Today I received the wheel and updated the post with more details. Thank you everyone!
  2. Thanks! The Iv8 was indeed one of my options as well, inmotion wheels look great and have good build quality. I hope you have fun with your wheel!
  3. I bought the wheel yesterday, I updated the description with more details.
  4. Thanks for the advice! The website looks really good even though I would like to hear about someone's experience with it. I will tell you when I do the purchase.
  5. Thanks, I will, despite the fact that the default price is already pretty good.
  6. oh, nice post, thank you. Btw, do you know more or less at which frequency does 1rad make offers? I am not really in a hurry and I could wait for christmas...
  7. when I enter the site it shows 1,029.00 € but when I select black and 840wh it goes back to 1,449.00 €
  8. Hello, I am planning on buying a ks 16s (840wh) as a first wheel, I am from Barcelona (Spain). I have seen a lot of different prices online, these are some of them (they are approximations because some required to start the purchase process to see the shipping price): ~1200€ in Aliexpress (item currently not available) 1360€ in myewheel ~1400€ in erides.co.uk 1450€ in 1radwerkstatt ~1500€ in eunicycles.eu ~1600€ in speedyfeet (sold out) ~1700€ in kingsong european sites and local physical stores My main question is if someone has experience with these sites, (specially the cheaper ones), because in Aliexpress the item alternates availability every couple of weeks and only shows 2 sales, which does not give me much confidence, and I don't know anything about erides or myewheel. I just know that I can trust speedyfeet and the local physical stores for good customer support but I wonder if that is really worth the price difference. Thank you in advance! [update - 29/Nov] Yesterday I bought the wheel on myewheel, there was a black friday discount of 5% so I payed 1292€. The customer service was excellent, before buying I asked about a couple mistakes in the product description and they fixed them immediately. The wheel has been sent today, I will update when I receive it! I payed through paypal so if there is any problem I guess I can get the money back. [update - 7/Dec] I received the wheel this morning, the wheel is in perfect condition, I spent about 1h 30min practising and I am quite tired. I learned to go straight and turn, but still need practice on getting on and off the wheel comfortably. I love it! Conclusion of the post: I totally recommend myewheel to purchase a Kingsong wheel on europe, it is cheap and I received it 9 days after the purchase (from Bulgaria to Spain). Also the customer service was perfect. Thanks all for the advice!
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