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  1. Cells in each pack? I was talking about balancing the left pack vs. the right pack. I don't see what else could balance them except pushing them both to 100% or draining both to 0% (but the latter seems like it would take a very annoying riding session full of beeps and tiltbacks, and still wouldn't guarantee equalization, depending on how the wheel decides when to completely stop working).
  2. No, I will try to avoid charging to 100% to protect the battery longevity. Maybe if the left-right imbalance gets too large I will do a 100% occasionally, but not regularly. This time I just wanted to get it away from 30% up to around 50%, just enough to do another learning session. Unfortunately my shin takes much longer to "recharge" from the pain that develops when I lean all my weight into it trying to ride one-legged like in the Inmotion training video on YouTube.
  3. Not dead by any means, voltage shows as 5-something volts on both packs. I said +5%, not 5% total. It's around 50% total now, with some 1.5% of imbalance between the packs. Ohh, OK, I thought it wasn't charging when off because it wasn't showing progress in any way, unlike phones or... everything else with a rechargeable battery. OK, so it turns itself off if not used for a while. Good to know, thanks!
  4. I got a second-hand One S2 with light scratches and only 4km traveled in total (was supposedly only used for tests in a store) and I'm seeing some weird behavior during charging: it will charge for 10-15 minutes, get about +5%, then start to beep, the beeps will accelerate and end with a long beep, at which point the S2 turns itself off. If I press the power button to turn it on again it starts charging again but after a while it will beep and stop again. Is this some temperature protection kicking in? Or is it simply losing Bluetooth signal and turning off as a security measure?
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