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  1. @Unventor, Thank you! So in my case, for example, riding small circle of within 1.5m smoothly both left- right- would be one of small goals which I can practice during everyday’s short ride. And like over higher bumps, or other difficult challenges - still can not manage safety when l failed - I do practice at right place. @mrelwood, I installed and used Komoot for iPhone today and it is very good for tracking! Thank you for suggestion.
  2. RockyTop, mrelwood, Thank you so much for advices! They are helpful for me and I will concentrate to ride forward to develop more confidence and practice for bumps from now. And I will try these apps. I will search and install tomorrow!
  3. Hi, All, I start learning EUC 1.5 month ago. First I thought I should try a cheaper wheel because I was not sure if I could ride EUC so I got two-wheels (probably) copy of Inmotion V3 from eBay. After two weeks practice, I could ride it on tennis court pretty well. But it was slow, and low power, and two-wheels, I noticed this is unusable and even felt dangerous on streets because of instability. Worst choice for the first EUC, I guess. After some of research, I bought KS16s from ewheels.com. As you experienced guys imagine, I had to learn it from scratch. So shocked and disappointed but I did about one week practice at tennis court, then I went on streets in early morning like 4:00- after that. Now I can ride on streets mainly pedestrian (with not many people) and bike lane day and night. A little more than 200 miles on KS16s now. I have couple of questions; 1) Is it necessary to do pactice backride or not? Probably much later like a thousand miles ride? Or better to start now? Or no need to worry unless I want to learn as one of challenges like one-leg riding? 2) How about practice of run over bumps like higher than 1 inch? Again, much later? 3) I put thick padding (about half inch) on the top of original pad (side of wheel, KS16s) especially one side (stronger leg) for reducing pain in the beginning and now I feel it helps stabilizing and holding EUC solid on leg. Do I have to reduce padding gradually and eventually remove them all I added? Or it is not necessary if I feel comfortable. I do not see people using such a thick padding on YouTube videos. 4) Riding mode. I am on medium mode now. Do I have to change it to expert mode in the future or it is just a preference? 5) Finally, what is the “standard” tracking, map, gps application in general for EUC? I tried original King Song app, DarknessBot on iOS but Bluetooth often disconnected and apps does not work well. Is it better to buy and use Android instead of iPhone for EUC app (KS16s)? Is there any suggestions of different app I should try on iOS, or Android? Thank you for advance! KaiiN
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