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  1. Rich

    Mcm5 340wh vs V5f 340wh

    Thank you sebrios. The 510wh is available at $200 more. Am seriously considering that after reading all your comments :-)
  2. Rich

    Mcm5 340wh vs V5f 340wh

    Thank you for your thoughts and the wh estimate. It's really helpful. V5f 340wh is $500 while the mcm5 510wh is $720 here..... I am thinking about the bigger battery as per your comments. Just worried about thrashing an expensive wheel as I don't even know how to ride an euc yet.....
  3. Rich

    Mcm5 340wh vs V5f 340wh

    Thank you for your thoughts nicky. The supplier is offering me a 510wh mcm5 for $100+ more but it comes with the 62v system not the 84v (I don't really understand the difference). Will that be much better to learn on and commute and use for a longer period of time before upgrading? I plan to take it on the train or the bus most of the time.
  4. Hi there, I would like to learn how to ride an euc and these 2 models are available in my country. V5f is $500 while the mcm5 is $700 (is there a better wheel below $700 that you can recommend in alibaba or Ali express if you don't like these 2 (I live in Asia)? I would rather not spend more than $700 and that is my limit. I need it to commute a minimum of 10km to a max of 25 - 30 km if the lines at the train are too long. I can charge the euc once I get to work. I weigh 165lbs and am fit. So many pot holes and broken roads in my area but there are some nice flat straightaways. Am hoping to take it on some trails as well. Rains a lot here from July to September if that matters. I work nights as well so something that is more forgiving and more stable once I hit a pothole in the dark would be nice. Could you guys help me out pleasei would really appreciate some advice. Hope to hear from you. Thank you all in advance. Cheers. Rich
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