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  1. I just learned about swallowbot, I thought you wrote it ironically Definitely caught my attention.
  2. Yup, showering it was a bad idea, but I turned it upside-down, which is not a predicted behavior when using it. I got the intention it is waterproof, but I would hesitate about this conclusion. Definitely splash-proof, that is for sure.
  3. Thanks for the reply. What I can notice, is that the motherboard is giving a slight burned smell, which makes me conclude that the motherboard is damaged. What confuses me, is that if the motherboard would be damaged, the current would not pass, making me think that some circuit is damaged. Therefore, I will check first if the motherboard is possible to fix, before replacing or upgrading, to a "swallowbot" xD Anyway, I think this post can be closed as the potentially damaged battery suspicion disappeared after couple of hours. Q
  4. Hi again, Thanks for moderating the title and commenting on the issue. It appears that the battery changed its state from constant red light to flashing green. I cannot tell after how long this changed, but I believe after couple of hours since I fell asleep during this nightmare. When trying to connect the battery again to the Segway mini I can turn it on, but after 0.8 seconds, it turns off and the battery, after detaching the battery, I can notice that the battery indicator turns red and after a vast moment, back to blinking green. Concluding, it appears that the battery prevented itself of being damaged, that it went into a "short circuit prevention"-state, for a long time. So the battery is fine, now I got another problem, which is relevant to another post. Q
  5. Hi there. I have a Ninebot mini which I have been driven around for some time (couple of months). Since it was dirty, I decided to give it a wash in the shower, which turned out to be a wrong idea (my bad, did not check it out). During washing, the Segway, turned itself on, behaving strangely, such as suddenly wanting to turn itself to left and right. After 2-3 minutes, it turned itself off which made me decide to let it dry as quickly as possibly. I disassemble the battery, and I noticed that the light indicator is glowing constantly red. A quick search revealed that it is possibly caused by a short-circuit prevention. What I would like to know, what are the possible steps to continue with this issue? I was thinking about to reset the battery, such that the indicator resets from its actual state, since no difference is noticed, when connecting it directly to the charger (the charger lights green independently of connecting it to the battery). Do you have any ideas of progressing from here? I will check tomorrow after drying the segway, what happens if I connect the battery to the unit again. Thanks in advance for any help. I can add more details if needed, Cheers, Quantum
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