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  1. So here's some more information on the z10 i have for sale. I bought it new and it's sweet. I've taken great care of it and never had any problems with it. I keep the lithium batteries charged to 50 or 60 percent while storing it because that's what's best for these type batteries. It has 114 miles on it only because i really don't ride this wheel much. It's awesome don't get me wrong, but most of my riding is cross country and offroad type stuff and my other wheel(monster) is the one i ride for that. I bought this z10 for more of the city type riding and i don't do much of that it turns out!... to conclude, uni's are so awesome, that i had to buy 2!lol. This one just doesn't get used enough for me to hang onto. I have other projects that I'll go towards.. thank you for any interests. My name is brian. Im an honest dude, and i know what I'm doing when it comes to machines.. any questions I'll try and answer. I have pictures too. It's in near perfect condition with the exception of scratches under the foot pads from turning too tight.............. I'm Chicago area, and hoping i can drive it to its new owner if possible or meet up or whatever.. this thing could be in your hands quick with no shipping, virus, delays, or waiting lists(like i had to do, months!)
  2. I would like to sell this z10. It is in great shape and has only 114 miles on it. Briansnik@gmail.com
  3. Thanks chruill .I think I got it set up better now so I'll get notification
  4. I just realized how long ago these comments were posted. Geez I'm late. The site doesn't notify me when I get a notification...
  5. So I spent 1980$shipped on it. It has 114 miles . In good shape, little scratches under floor boards from turning too sharp.. sorry it took so long to reply. I didn't get notifications till now. .I have no idea what shipping would cost. I think I paid 180$to ship... make me a sweet offer and it's yours..
  6. I have a used z10 for sale. Doesn't have much use at all... I'm in Illinois
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