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  1. Today I was extremely happy to have my MSX with me , My train was cancelled but i was able to take a faster train and ride the extra distance with my Wheel (fun). I also greased the trolley bars and now it works perfectly stairs are a none issue, i just switch the wheel on and off (the loud beep is a little bit annoying).
  2. Msx, pleasure to ride but not so handy on the train
  3. Heya, thanks for the responses. I like the way my Ninebot one C+ just acts like a rideable briefcase, easy to hop on/off and easy to hide on the train. however, i'm a bit frustrated when riding with tilted-back pedals 80% of the time. SO i will try to ride my MSX today and see how it goes
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a EUC for my daily commute to work, with the train. i own a Ninebot one C+ and I love how it's compact and 'light' but i am missing some power and range. Need something with 20mph (35kmh) and a +20miles (35km) range. Weight is not actually an issue, but would love a pick up switch for the stairs and a trolley handle for some walking. tnxz
  5. Could anyone tell if it is a good idea to order a new MSX now (and wich one)? or will there be a update on the design soon ? (i heard about quality issues off the casing) thank you in advance
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