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  1. We can only be so lucky. It was -1C the other day. For my review/contribution: I wanted touchscreen gloves - a pair for warmer weather and a pair for colder weather. When I'm bored, I like to do some courier activities so I can have fun riding and exploring the city without the feeling of aimlessness. I also did not want to break the bank ~20 budget. The gloves have to fit under flexmeters. I'll upload pictures if requested. Ninja Gloves - $4.10 - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0069UBYYG/ - recommended by Gaz Bon Extremely thin and light. Fit felt a little loose, but was comfortable. Almost like a second skin with full mobility. Extremely easy to fit under flexmeters. I was riding the other day (without my flexmeters on - because I was being lazy) and took a spill. I have a few red dots on my hand, but no road rash. The gloves look untouched. These are GREAT for riding in warm weather. Using your phone with these on is a bit touch and go, I'd say it works 80% of time with some errors. In colder weather, these are not recommended as it will feel like you have nearly nothing on. Glider Gloves Winter Style - $16.99 - https://www.amazon.com/GliderGloves-Copper-Infused-Screen-Gloves/dp/B005WT0266/ These gloves are a bit thicker and tighter to put on, but once they're on they feel extremely comfortable and snug. I still have good mobility. There are two layers of gloves (it's like wearing two pairs of the typical knitted gloves). It's a minor squeeze into flexmeters. Using them on touchscreen is great and it feels 100% accurate for me. These gloves are comfortable to 4.5 C /40 F. It will feel decently warm. Higher than that, it feels toasty. At -1C/30F, you can feel that there is a chill. - This is all personal experience and YMMV.
  2. @Seba Thank you for creating this app. Will you be rolling out an app for WearOS (android wear) or should I look into buying a Samsung watch?
  3. Bought these on your recommendations. Was very inexpensive and thin. Fit right under flexmeters perfectly. The outside lining is nice and grippy as well. I will, however, be needing to buy a pair of gloves for the winter as these are not warm.
  4. I just purchased and received my first wheel: a Gotway Tesla v2. It arrived in New York from China in 1 week. First Impressions: Riding it is great. I feel like I'm gliding on a cloud. I find myself questioning why I ever walked anywhere. I'm very comfortable riding, both fast and slow, but still take wide turns. (On a sharper turn, I ended up scraping my pedals). Going slow (walking speed) is manageable with a lot of hand and core balance. The bluetooth speakers do not have great sound quality (as I had expected from prior reviews), but are great for navigation or ambient noise to set the atmosphere. The wheel itself looks sleek and well-finished, albeit a bit clunky and oddly-shaped. The black pedals are a really nice touch as the previous iteration had unpainted pedals and looked like it had been hobbled together. Pictures The bumpers haven't been installed yet, but I've already taken my first mini-spill. Going slow is harder than going fast. Potential Issues: As this is my first wheel, I am not sure what is and what isn't normal. These are items that stood out to me, so please help me as others may have a better frame of reference. The box it arrived in was slightly wet. Box Pictures. The manual was wet, but there was no water on the wheel (perhaps it had evaporated since then). I'm not sure how to check for water damage. When stationary, the wheel periodically rumbles, growling to take on the open streets again. Also there is an electrical whirring at times (sounds like a vacuum cleaner). Also when riding, it makes a whirring noise as if it's an electric car (this isn't constant, but rather comes on and off at certain speeds). Please let me know if everything is a-ok! Riding is still great though.
  5. The spring seat idea sounds interesting. This is becoming a proper bike. Install a water bottle holder under the seat and start doing EUC Enduro races. I'm sure the brackets are solid, but I wouldn't trust them as your notion suggests since the brackets and seats are designed to be compressed, rather than lifted. It might not be able to withstand the weight of an MTB rider pulling it apart.
  6. @fbhbUsing two brackets is a great idea as I've seen others do seat mods and it looks like there's a lot of stress on their knees. With a second bracket, there seems to be enough elevation. I'm surprised you use the Tesla as an offroad wheel as the wheel isn't that wide or large and is considered more an urban wheel. It seems there's a flurry of interest. Would you consider providing a how-to guide? As in, what numbers do you have the brackets locked on? For parts: Shock Absorber : AliExpress Metal Zip Tie (?) - I'm not sure what these are called, but I assume Home Depot would have them. Padding - I saw Marty used leather, what did you use? The black blends with the wheel and looks very secure. Bicycle Seat - Seems any seat with similar lower housing Rear Light - Optional.
  7. I'm interested in doing this modification myself, but am worried about it's feasibility since the pedals, and not the case, are built to withstand rider weight. How much do you weigh and does the plastic feel at all like it is cracking? Also, do you feel any slippage?
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