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  1. Hi! I'm interested. If still available. I've sent you already a fb msg ... cheers
  2. Hola, Amigo, ¿usas telegram? Hay un grupo gigaaaante de pilotos de españa.... @monocicloeuc ... y estos que siguen no los conozco... @MonoElectricoMadrid @andaluciaenrueda Saludos suerte en la búsqueda!
  3. Hey Eric, all ok? Will you please change the word 'big' for the word i guess you wanted to put there please? 😊 ty
  4. Hi please let me know how much are you asking for the mcm if still available. would u be ok to ship/send it? just NJ...
  5. Folks, I have a ks-16S ...67v So, my friend got this ebike external battery pack... Can I take advantage safely? It is a 60V 12Ah,lets say 720wh... Sure it got its own BMS as you'll charge this to the wall directly... As I've read before, If I charge this on the wall to 100% and I charge the EUC to 100, and then I plug it, and then I boot/start the euc, should it be all ok? ¿Or am I missing something? tks in adv for any feedback! A 16s "1560wh" sounds attractive indeed
  6. Hi folks, wondering if we can expect AVAS to have a "Manual GearBox" in next versions =) I can imagine if we split the speed range in several "zones" ... the app may be could "pitch down" the speed dependant sound a little every time you go from a speed zone to the higher? Well, may be is not that easy, may be you are already on it. Or may be this msg helps in anything... lol best regards, Seba (an other Seba) =)
  7. Dear @Seba Is the new version released? Can't wait to try avas and my s3 watch =) Now I see some vids of folks using it, but android play wont talk about an update.. I've already signed days ago to be beta tester Tks for all you great work !!
  8. Hey @Seba ...namesake dev hero!! I'm from Uruguay, a rookie with just a few months on riding experience =) I've just opened the xls to take a look to spanish (es)... Just a few suggestions: * Orange texts: I think they are all ok! I'd just change this one: Executed when the button on the watch is pressed -> Se ejecuta cuando se presiona el botón del reloj (btw ¿ how is it going the "february"-tizen-version so i' can use my gear s3? * Yellow lines: Enable alarm when battery voltage goes above safe limit -> Habilitar alarma cuando el voltaje de la batería supera el lim
  9. Folks, I want to say a big Thank you to you all for giving me so good info about the wheels!! the choice is just between those two because I live in Uruguay... you can buy nothing here other than the airwheel x8 I got a few weeks ago... So I am learning already to ride an electric unicycle, but after the first ride i was already begging for a little more speed.... An overseas buy would be extremely expensive here as taxes almost duplicates the wheel price. And there are no stores in argentina, so i think ill buy it in brazil, where i can find just a couple of stores, selling those two brands.
  10. Hi folks! Hoping you help me with a few comments please =) I thinking about buying a v10 or a ks16s. Where i live, and with my budget, there is not much more than those... Hard choice, so i 'll be grateful on any advice... now, range is not much an issue as i will commute short distances every day, lets say less than 10k, trying a funny ride but i guess i wont stress batteries too much with my 155 pounds... About speed, v10 declares a little more. i wonder if this is noticeable. for both i guess you can can set the tilt back closer to the real top speed. is it like this? BUT more important, as
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