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  1. I've actually been looking into this quite a bit today. Theres a few people in New York who purchased those wheels and currently are experiencing no issues. As of now. 500 miles ish in. But gotway said its unofficial. Which is what they said about ewheels 1845wh MSX 100v lmao. But in the context of what was said it. It sounds like it was not created by their company. But at this point ima wait for my translator to confirm lmao. So It looks like if you message the seller on Alibaba he replies. So tried finding out about the BMS and no dice. The seller insists that it's a mod from gotway. But cannot provide any proof. Aside from the label which anyone can print to say anything these days. I want to get my hands on one of these bad boys and rip apart the batteries and put it together again. See how it ticks....
  2. Probably not an actual Version 2. Most likely just updated 21700 batteries, new watt hour amounts. Then again who knows what Gotway has planned. I think the real MSuperX V2 will be if/when they change the motor.
  3. Answers below. 1. No, i don't believe so, at all.. I'm sure your wheel will be fine long term... All they said was longterm use unsure. But i don't think they were talking about the BMS and/or battery. moreover the layout. Remember the language barrier is heavy. So you have to think about what the different meanings of common words and what best matches the context for them as a business. For example. I thought the same thing at first when i read that message. Then i actually thought about it. From what i understand, and what i think they mean is that they don't intend to use that type of battery layout longterm. As they feel like there is more potential for risks with it going forward. As there are many things that can potentially go wrong. But i think its just potential. This being said, it can be translated either way. But based off my later conversations with Gotway. I'm guessing it just means that they prefer to not use the battery layout within the current 1845wh 100v MSuperX and will utilize other methods in future releases. Instead they will be modifying the case to fit the 21700 in the upcoming MSuperX. As they have in the past iterations. When battery changes occured. If he wanted to say that the wheels battery will not be good longterm, i'm positive he would of said it differently. Also i doubt they would of sold it if they did not think the BMS was alright. Most likely there is just a lot on the technical side, of which much of it needs to be accounted for accordingly, especially with that type of mod. Ewheels needs to make their money . This is their Livelihood. Gotway will release the information on their new wheels when they are ready to do so. I want to respect Gotway and the information I've been exposed to. Therefore i will only talk about things that i know i'm allowed to talk about. Esepcially when it comes to releases and wheels. But in regards to your new MSX upgrade inquiry. Yes, gotway is always pushing to make their technology better. They love the MSuper series and intend to make a continuation as they have been. As technology improves. After all as time progresses technologies progress as well and changes are made along with upgrades. This is a fairly new technology, great strides will be made very in due time. The current 1845wh msx should be a great wheel and should have no issues. Its just a potential risk, not definite risk lol Don't take everything as definite, translations are misinterpreted all the time. i mean look at me earlier today lmao.
  4. No, not at all. I just thought they were lying legitimately about the wheels origin. Imagine talking to Gotway and they state that they do not support those battery mods whatsoever, then you have ewheels saying they got it from gotway. While Gotway is saying they do NOT suggest any of those unofficial battery modification. So i even sent a pic and i have them over here saying: No thats definitely not an official gotway product and they said it is most likely 3rd party. Gotway does not provide any BMS of expansion package. They were very adamant. So you can see why immediately i'm like wtf ewheels. Whose lying here? I have a huge pet peeve and 0% tolerance for lies. All the while Gotway is misunderstanding me thinking im talking about parts in general lmao. So Gotway and i talked about this. Along with a few other things, and after a few hours, i get specific and start asking the right questions and i mentioned ewheels. By this time they already told me the photo i sent was not a legitimate Gotway created product and was most likely 3rd party, since they don't produce any BMS of an expansion battery. Which is exactly what i told you guys they said. But then Suddenly they understand exactly i'm trying to relay specifically and they completely understood what i meant. Suddenly the answer becomes: yes but don't want to do many. the official only use regular batteries, not type I batteries. Official only use regular batteries, and will not make special batteries. Abnormality battery will cause potential risk of charge and decharge. Long time use unsure.Don't worry we are already upgrading msx. will be launched in...... Gotta love language barriers :). Next time my translator is away, i'm just gonna wait till they get back He comes back this weekend, then i won't have any more confusion after that lol. But i think Gotway was pretty clear there this time around tho
  5. No need to elaborate, i already got the information i was hoping for. I can happily admit i was incorrect. When i spoke to Gotway i did not mention that the 1845wh wheel i was referencing within our discussion was from Ewheels. They assumed i was referencing eucservices or another company such as that. When i brought up ewheels this time around, they verified that the product was from Gotway and its availability. Sorry Jason for saying you guys are misleading your clients I apologize, as I was just sharing the information Gotway stated. But they misunderstood the original message, which led to the general misunderstanding. I guess that happens when your translator is currently unavailable lol. Regardless everyone, just to make sure we're clear. THE WHEEL IS REAL! AND FROM GOTWAY! IT IS NOT A LIE AND THEY ARE NOT MISLEADING ANYONE! Still, the 21700 batteries have already been announced a few months ago. Wonder how many months until this product becomes complete obsolete in favor of the new battery type.
  6. Can you elaborate on what exactly you mean by the pack was produced from the gw Supply chain? Because that's a fairly broad statement and can mean a variety of things.
  7. I never said ewheels was connected to any dealer on Alibaba or aliexpress. Or anything like that. Please read the quotes within the comments thoroughly. Someone said there was a 2200wh msuperx 100v on alibaba. They also said the sellers was saying it came directly from the gotway factories in China. That seller was lying. So I made so i let the person know who mentioned it earlier in the forum thread. Never accused ewheels of any interaction with Alibaba vendors. You misread the message. The aliexpress part has nothing to do with ewheels. Please read the quoted message within the comment.
  8. Btw Gotway even updated their website because of the conversation I had with them. With more updates to come. http://www.kebye.com/newsinfo/344310.html Their newer wheels are the ones that are constantly being modified battery wise. So, if the watt hour of the wheel in question is not on this website link. It's not an official gotway product. Example: msuperx 1845wh 100v is not on that list. Therefore we can deduce that it is not a legitimate gotway product. Remember: Gotway announces when they are almost done with their prototype wheels. And when they are releasing versions with more watt hours. They do not support or suggest these type of modifications whatsoever for a variety of reasons. That being said. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I just wanted everyone to know the truth. I think everyone could work on being a bit more honest.
  9. Just spoke to Gotway about this. The seller is lying to you. The label is fake. It is not an official gotway product. Just thought you would like to know... As they say. Aliexpress is not considered an authorized dealer for EUCs. There is no customer support when you buy wheels on there and you have no idea how they smacked together this creation. It's cheap to print labels. Be careful.
  10. Yes. Please do. Also nice label btw. Made is Japan 😂
  11. You're absolutely correct. I confirmed it with Gotway. Ewheels is misleading their clients. But the wordplay is beautiful and intentionally worded to mislead the customers, into thinking it's a battery modification from gotway. The battery modification provided by ewheels is not an official gotway product.
  12. Yea I will. Dont worry. You'll see some more posts soon.
  13. Didn't mean to directly sell the product. Just wanted to say, hey it can be done.
  14. Well.....normally i would wait...but might as well say something Soon... My Team and i will be opening our online-store based in the USA. We will be selling Gotway LED Light mods, as one of our first products. They are universal to any Gotway wheel with colored LED's... I haven't mentioned it too much because i'm waiting for the business license to finish processing. Which should happen by early November. But we are already producing models for pre-release... We are making a youtube channel and are building our website. But if you want to see a preliminary video of what it will be like. I can link you a video on facebook... It will be: 1. Controlled via Bluetooth2. Choose through over 100 pre-programmed light modes3. Turn lights on/off via app4. Adjust brightness of LEDs, you can adjust them much brighter than what they are currently set to stock.5. Pick independent colors6. Create your own modes by selecting colors and your transitions7. Adjust speed of pre-programmed or custom modes.8. Play your music on your phone through the app. The LEDs will match the beat. Also...it will be less then $100... So far we have tested it with the Nikola, MSuperX, Tesla and are trying it out on a few other wheels soon...
  15. Actually Florida has "EUC Orlando" On facebook and Instagram I think there is also EUC of Central Florida on facebook.
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