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  1. Hi there I just got an IPS T250+ from a friend that he rarely used, I’ve always wanted a unicycle, learned fast and quickly started to use it to go to the office, however I just had an accident and I could not find info or people that ran into the same problem. I rode my IPS as usual to the office regularly a 20min ride Around 5K, however today I was just entering to the office building and I was going full speed around 25Km/h on flat concrete when suddenly, the unicycle shut off the self balancing system out off nothing, shooting me off to the air and the straight to the floor with my arms and face to stop me, luckily there were no cars around me (and few people to watch the embarrassing moment) and just got one wrist injured and also left some of my arm’s skin on the concrete. The battery level was more than 50%, and now the unicycle seems to be working just fine, but now I’m not sure if I want to ride it again knowing that this failure could happen again Has anyone faced a similar situation?
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