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  1. Yes, I have the 1860wh msx. This morning I rode the msx and 16x back to back. I really tried to make it oscillate, no such luck. The pedals on the msx are so much stiffer than the 16x. (I think I may need to even go check settings to make sure it’s on experient) also, riding the 16x made me appreciate the stability and shock absorption of the larger wheel. On the msx, 30 mph and under feels like a cakewalk.
  2. yup including myself. I don’t feel any oscillations and would think I would notice but who the heck knows. I only have ~ 400 miles on euc (rookie status). I’ll have to let someone more experienced than myself give my msx a spin.
  3. Just went on 10 mile run. Still not noticing any forward/back oscillations and I was looking for it. Pedals are much stiffer than my 16x. Also, when riding at night wouldn’t your light be bouncing up and down? I admit I’m not super experienced on euc, but i rode onewheels prior and the self balancing is the same. (Just a funny observation, seems like a bunch of rookies bought 40mph 100v msx’s)
  4. I’m not sure the issue impacts all of the 1860 100v msx’s. I am roughly 180 miles in with no issues. Rear ring led works just fine. I also have a KS16x and the msx is WAY more stable. There is no way I would ride the wheel in the same condition as the videos posted.
  5. Centered trolley handle, customizable led upgrade, motor cut off, speakers for music bluetooth Remote speedometer with battery, temp etc (but small)
  6. What is the range on the the Nikola+ 1230wh? The math works out to be ~50 miles based on published range.
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