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  1. Here's a GIF of P8 at 68% acceleration. Notice how the front tire lifts off the ground. This happens at any speed when you press the throttle. https://gph.is/g/E1qGkGR
  2. @stephenbadger - thanks for taking the time to reply. The P Settings on Wepeds are different. There inst a throttle control (acceleration) like the DT. I own a DT and I'm familiar with the option. p0 = tire diameter size. (10 = GPS Speed same) p1 = Voltage. (450) p2 = Can not change. (15) p3 = Can not change. (1) p4 = km & mile change. (1 = mile) (0 = km) p5 = Kick and go. (1 = ON) p6 = Cruise mode. (0 = OFF) p7 = Slow / Fast Start. (0 = Fast Start & 1 = Slow Start) p8 = MAX Speed. (100) p9 = Electronic brake. (2 = MAX)
  3. Edit - Have confirmed that turbo mode has to be on to reach any speed above 15 MPH. Problem is still the kick when accelerating, it lifts the front tires off the ground, even when rolling. So if you're turning at lets say 6-7 MPH and then accelerate, you wipe out because the front tire comes off the ground.
  4. Hi Everyone, Any GT50E owners in this sub? I just got mine, and I don't understand how the acceleration works. Even gassing it lightly, causes my front tire to lift off the ground about an inch. Anyone experience this? I'm leaning forward with all my weight when I do this, so it's not me leaning back. I've also turned off fast start and still manage to lift off the ground about an inch when accelerating? Second question: Is there anyway to go faster than 15 mph with turbo mode turned off? The only way I've found to exceed 15 mph is to keep turbo turned on, which I think has way
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