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  1. I live in Alameda. Now that I'm on a V10 I'm kinda glad I didn't go with an MSX. It feels like the V10 is less likely to kill me and goes plenty fast for my needs. But it might be fun to try something else if the opportunity comes along.
  2. This went MUCH faster than I thought. Thanks for the interest.
  3. Update: SOLD (I'm selling my Ninebot One E+ for $200 on craigslist. I'm not sure if you'd grow out of it too soon or not. Top speed is 12 or 13 mph. I thought it was a great wheel for learning on (as you can see by the pictures, I took some spills) but I just upgraded to an Inmotion V10 and no longer need the Ninebot. Still works fine and I'm happy to ride it around to demonstrate functionality. I also live in the Bay Area, Alameda specifically. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/spo/7023528377.html)
  4. Just to put a button on this: Turns out the V10F was actual a V10, but because we transacted the sale in person we were able to work that out. I've only ridden about 30 minutes so far, but everything seems to be in order, and it will certainly do my commute without needing a charge in the middle. Going from my e+, the difference in night and day. I can go up hills, for example. Thanks all!
  5. Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I just this second bought a not very used V10F from a local person so hopefully they're honest and I like the wheel. If it doesn't work out look for a post in the for sale section or a sad follow up about not buying things used.
  6. I had no idea there was space in the 18s to run a cable lock through the wheel. This opens up the King Song 18L/XL too. I wish there was a way to rent these to compare.
  7. I find using the trolley handle in back much easier. Thanks for weighing in, @Arbolest!
  8. Here's my current ride. I welded up a bracket and fit half of a retractable suitcase handle for walking it around. It's not beautiful, but it works and only cost me $10. And my current locking solution: Drilling a hole in one of my peddles to put a padlock through. Obviously this is not ideal.
  9. Hi All, I'm looking to upgrade from my Ninebot e+ which I've had for a little over a year. I'm torn over which one to buy. Here are my considerations: I'm 220 pounds. It would be safe to round that up to 235 with a fully loaded backpack. I want a trolley handle. I want a headlight. I want some permanent part of the EUC to run a cable lock through. (I'm not leaving it outside in a bad part of town over a weekend, but I may lock it up outside the movie theater for 2 hours in my low-crime rate town.) I don't have to carry it hardly ever. My Ninebot e+'s 12 MPH top speed is annoying. Faster would be better. My commute is shortish. Less than 10 miles round trip. I'm often on the sidewalk, sometimes on the street. I'm probably not going to do much trail riding. I have lots of potholes and uneven sidewalks to deal with. I'm leaning toward a Gotway Tesla but I'm been tempted by the MSX too given the possibility of a larger wheel providing a smoother ride. The King Songs look good but I'm worried that breaking the trolley handle to get a cable lock off would be just too easy. The Inmotion 10VF mostly fits the bill but I keep reading about the disappointing trolley handle. And while we're at it, is eWheels the preferred online store around here? Thanks for all the information on this forum. It's all been very helpful.
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