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  1. Found a wheel! Mods can feel free to close this thread. Thank you everyone!
  2. Pming edit: I’ve already used up my available PM allotment (2 per day). Can you message me?
  3. Sorry, went offline for a while. Just sent you a PM! PMing
  4. Do you still have it for sale? I haven't had any luck with beginner EUCs so I'm expanding the budget to include higher performing ones. PM me if it's still for sale
  5. PM me if you're still interested in selling it
  6. I’m unfortunately not allowed to PM since I’m new here. Mind sending me a message? I’m interested Yes!
  7. Thanks for all the offers everyone. Still hoping to find someone around or under the $750 mark that can go ~20mph.
  8. Hey Swagshi, Thanks for reaching out! I would prefer something that I wouldn't grow out of so quickly. Looking for something more along the lines of a KingSong 14D, 14S, Inmotion V5/V8, etc.
  9. Hi Friends, I'm looking to purchase my first EUC for <$700. Prefer a local deal in the Bay Area but happy to explore offers from other states if the price is right. Thanks!
  10. I'm in Oakland and can pick it up if it's still available. I'm new so can't PM you. Feel free to text me at 909 64three 385six
  11. Still have the inmotion V8? I'm interested. I don't think I'll be able to PM you either since I'm new so feel free to text me at 909 643 three85six. Located in CA. Thanks!
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