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  1. Did you buy the side zip version of those boots or the regular one? Side zipper seems convenient to get in/out of the boot but I fear that they may dig into your feet when pressed against the side of the EUC.
  2. Try using power pads if you haven't already. My feet would cramp up within a couple of miles and I tried everything. Thick soles, thin soles, relaxing while riding, carving more, shifting my weight around, wiggling my toes, positioning my feet further forward on the pedals, getting larger pedals, frequent stretching, and simply riding more. But after 200 miles and no improvement, I asked this same question and my buddy recommended power pads and they eliminated all cramping for me!! Being able to accelerate with forward motion using your shins relieves your feet from having to accelerate by applying downward pressure.
  3. I'd definitely try listing it higher! I was looking for a quick sale and had bought it used so I was able to sell it without loosing much money.
  4. Sale is pending for tomorrow. I’ll let you know if it falls through!
  5. SOLD SOLD Selling a used INMOTION V5F that I bought from here. Asking price: $350. The first owner replaced the outer shell when he sold it to me so the shell is in good condition with a few scuffs/scratches. The trolley/pedals have more signs of use on them since they weren’t replaced. Great learner wheel, small commuter, etc. It runs well with only 155miles on it. Pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5Be1RJZLL8FC2y2Y7
  6. EDIT: Found an MSX. Thanks! Hey EUC Fam, I'm looking to buy a MSX and am located in the Bay Area. Would love to arrange a local sale but am open to reasonable shipping offers as well. Send me your offers!
  7. Found a wheel! Mods can feel free to close this thread. Thank you everyone!
  8. Pming edit: I’ve already used up my available PM allotment (2 per day). Can you message me?
  9. Sorry, went offline for a while. Just sent you a PM! PMing
  10. Do you still have it for sale? I haven't had any luck with beginner EUCs so I'm expanding the budget to include higher performing ones. PM me if it's still for sale
  11. PM me if you're still interested in selling it
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