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  1. I was up there the other week, unfortunately didnt have time to catch up for a ride but i saw someone fly past when i was at gateway, must have been you @Trademark. Hopefully will be up in darwin again next month so maybe can come for a ride
  2. A bit of rain hasnt ever caused me any issues and neither has shallow puddles, wouldnt want to ride a few thousand dollars throuh a deep puddle anyway. Water on the road also hides holes in the road very well, so you have to be more aware when riding wet, especially on the paint used to mark road lines, can be very slippery when wet.
  3. Not much rain riding, having rain hit my eyeballs at 25km/hr is an unpleasant experience, and blurry wet glasses is not a good sounding alternative. I do ride through wet mud and puddles, slowly though and do not want to harm the electronics true. There are some good tips on how to seal the 16x, i just havent opened mine yet to check if the original owner added them. Another rider i know near me with a 16x opened his and enhanced the sealing and said it was easy
  4. Love my 16x, take it on 30km+ rides on roads and bike paths for commuting to and from work, take it on mountain bike trails and it takes a beating there, take it on the jumps on bmx tracks and on fire trails through national parks. Never let me down and never run out of battery. Nice fat tyre and with homemade pads can take it up really steep hills and over rocks and tree roots in the rainforest....heaps of fun, super tough and not one regret or shortcoming
  5. Go to king song international Facebook page and send them a message with your serial number and date you got the wheel and ask for your wheel to be whitelisted. I just did that last week and they replied that mine is now on their whitelist....still scared to use the kings of app though just in case!
  6. Coral farmer for aquarium trade and reef restoration
  7. Dual lock is great strong stuff. I use it quite a bit but most times I use superglue on the adhesive to make it stick stronger in hard use areas
  8. Just happened on my 16x on a mountain bike trail. Went a little high on a banked corner and it shut down, lucky i had seen this thread otherwise would have been very confused on what happened. Was quite funny how it just shut down and tilted back and fell to the ground dead like it literally had died and lost all function. Just check my wheels, the ninebot one e+ shuts off at 50 degrees but my 16x shuts off at only 35 degrees! considering my area is full of mountain bike trails means have to take it easy on the banked corners, twkes a bit of the fun out of it
  9. Out walking the dog today and what do i see but a guy on an EUC whizzing past. YES! Another EUC rider in town and happened to be in my street. I wave him down to come over and he has a shiny new KS16X. Such a nice wheel and gave it a spin, what a beast. Super excited for the 16X I bought from @Gaz Bon that is on its way. No More lone EUC rider in my city. Oh and he knows the guy in town that is doing uber eats on one. The town’s EUC population is now at 300%!
  10. Is there anyone out there in Cairns or anyone know someone in Cairns with an EUC? Surely I cant be the only one lol.
  11. Sooo Tempted, outgrowing that ninebot but still ride10km daily on it. Its been a great learner.
  12. Hey Gaz, you bet and isnt It just cooking these last few days. Would love to come round for a look at yours, looks like you have a blast on it. What days are you free? I work from home so flexible on any time. While i was away I was offered a job, in cairns, so will be relocating soon. I did a search but couldnt find any euc riders over there,
  13. Awesome! I am just on way out of town but back on the 5th. I will be in touch. thanks
  14. @Gaz Bon hey mate did you find any more Darwin EUC riders. I have been seriously looking to get one and good to see there is at least one user up here. Thought i might be the only one up here if ai got one. Would love to see one in person before taking the plunge. Cam in Palmerston
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