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  1. Is there anyone out there in Cairns or anyone know someone in Cairns with an EUC? Surely I cant be the only one lol.
  2. Sooo Tempted, outgrowing that ninebot but still ride10km daily on it. Its been a great learner.
  3. Hey Gaz, you bet and isnt It just cooking these last few days. Would love to come round for a look at yours, looks like you have a blast on it. What days are you free? I work from home so flexible on any time. While i was away I was offered a job, in cairns, so will be relocating soon. I did a search but couldnt find any euc riders over there,
  4. Awesome! I am just on way out of town but back on the 5th. I will be in touch. thanks
  5. @Gaz Bon hey mate did you find any more Darwin EUC riders. I have been seriously looking to get one and good to see there is at least one user up here. Thought i might be the only one up here if ai got one. Would love to see one in person before taking the plunge. Cam in Palmerston
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