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  1. I dont’t have futher informations myself…. What I realized in dealing with domestic and foreign authorities was the importance of my DIY design. One the one hand it was easy for me to proove the UNIQUENESS of my wheel (because I made the design myself) , on the other hand it was easy to IDENTIFY it for everyone in a second without any deeper knowledge of EUC’s. I think that helped a lot and kept things efficient and fast.
  2. Update: German police called me yesterday that I will recover my wheel next week and the offender will be prosecuted there. I know that thanks to solidarity from EUC community this could be achieved. I am deeply grateful for that. Causa finita!
  3. They mentioned it, but I don't know if they did.
  4. ...this should be a photo of the missing KS18L...hopefully the link works ( my first try ) https://ibb.co/rkYZXq6
  5. Hello, thanks for your thoughts on this topic! Nevertheless i think i should clarify some points: the place where i lost my wheel is a gas station with a motorway on its frontside and a bike-lane on the backside; it's a place i know well. EUC's aren't very common here and so i never had concerns to leave my well as long as i have direct eye contact to it. This time i didn't realize that the place i used to drink a coffee was already taken by another guest, so i chose one where i lost eye contact...that was the mistake. The wheel was powered off but unlocked then. Of course i checked the place thoroughly and for sure police did this afterwards also. Apart from that the appearance of the was quite good and i dont think anyone powers on the wheel and connect to any app to check mileage in this situation. Conclusion: neither myself nor the police can find my wheel. Probably it is stolen.
  6. Hello everyone, I am new here in the forum ( but frequent reader!). The (sad) reason why I am writing here today is that this afternoon my KS18L was stolen in Tyrol ( Pettnau) / Austria. I went for a coffee and lost direct eye contact to my wheel for about 15 minutes....in this time someone took away my KS18L. Description: - KS18L Ser.Nr. KS18L2W180612B010 - total mileage 10775 km - painting glossy orange with black "happy skulls" on the sidewalls - XL KS Pedals - on top key-operated switch to activate / deactivate power button - XT90 charging connector instead of lenovo - Kenda tyre looks like a slick tire ( but is nice to ride!) - battery packs got new bms, so they have no longer a black plastic housing, but blue shrink tubes with labels from 1radwerkstatt. So maybe if there is someone looking for a KS18 charger with XT90 connector or is selling a KS18L wheel without charger that could be mine...please let me know by PM. Thanks in advance , Wolfi
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